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I am not here to just give you pretty pictures & feed you salt water taffy (that is only part of what I have to offer). I am here to be a part of your village. 

I am here to help you have the best day ever. I do this by helping you with every step from finding a wedding dress shop, to places to stay in the area, to some melt in your mouth food for your guests to eat, to mapping out the timeline of your day and much more. I do all of this because I genuinely want your wedding day to be the best day ever. I believe that the more people you have in your village rooting for you, the better. Plus, I am a type 2 (helper) based off my enneagram test so it is in my nature to help you as much as I can. 

When it comes to your wedding day I will be the fly on the wall in those intimate moments, your dance partner if you need one and the one who hugs your loved one when I see him/her tearing up from across the room. I am much more than just a photographer, because I believe you deserve more than that.