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You know when you just met a couple and just click. Well, that happened to my husband and me on our trip to Seattle. We met Alex and Josh on our trip to Seattle when I went to do a session with her and her hubby. From the second we walked into their home Josh and Eli both hit it off talking about being in hardcore Christian bands and living that tour life. Alex and I both are photographers, love Jesus, married musiciansĀ and have a love for food so naturally, we hit it off too. I hope you love Alex & Josh’s Seattle session.

Their love story told by Alex:

“Josh + I had been dating for 5 years by the time we began discussing marriage, and I had zero expectation on when it would happen. He had started asking me about rings “for the future”, so I showed him one I loved and didn’t think of it much more. We went to New Orleans for Thanksgiving to visit with my family, and I knew Josh had asked my dad for my hand. In my husband’s true form, he would wait as long as possible to actually ask me so that he could throw me off!

We visited New Orleans again for Christmas, and I was sure that, because we were with my family, that he would ask me then. Christmas Day came and went, so I thought he would wait much longer. We arrived back in Texas and were on our way to celebrate Christmas with his family when he asked me to take a headshot of him for his job at a little pond we love. We hopped out of the car, and I took a few awkward pictures of him with my iPhone (he was SO nervous), and then he asked me if I wanted one of my Christmas presents. He stuck his hand in his pocket, and I think I audibly gasped.

He did not pull a ring out of his pocket, but a beautiful arrowhead from a Caddo Indian. He knew the whole story behind the arrowhead, and then proceeded to pull another out of his pocket. Once he stuck his hand in his pocket a third time, I asked if he intended to start an army with all of these arrows, but this time it was actually the ring! I don’t remember anything he said because I was totally in shock, but I’m positive I said yes because we just made 4 years of marriage!”- Alex

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