Best outfits to wear for your engagement session


My best advice for the best outfits to wear for your engagement session is to keep it simple. Stick to two outfits that are more neutral so that you guys are the focus of the shoot and so that it blends in with any location. In this blog post I will lay out what to wear and what to avoid and how to keep it simple when choosing your outfits for your engagement shoot.

  1. Find outfits that you love. This might mean going to multiple stores or it could already be in your closet. Either way, find an outfit that you just cannot get enough of to wear to the shoot.

2. Keep it simple. I love all these examples since they are simple. A simple neutral t-shirt tucked into high waisted jeans. A leather jacket, high waisted jeans and a white tank underneath. For the guys black jeans, black shirt and brown boots. Black jeans, white swoop neck and an army bomber jacket.Grey pants and a short sleeve button up shirt with a hint of a pattern on it. It does not have to be complex. A little goes a long way.

3. Black jeans for guys are always better than any other type of jeans. I wish I could explain it but just trust me black jeans just look better on camera and more classy. For girls black jeans are great but regular jeans work too. For girls really any type of jeans works as long as it is not bright colored and patterned like crazy.

4. Yes, bring those over sized sweaters! Girls, those sweaters that make you feel comfy and just cozy. Those are perfect for a fall or winter engagement shoot!

5. Bring on the hats! My favorite hats right now are lack of color hats. Girls bring those hats and lets have fun playing with which ones match your outfit best.

6. Jumpsuits & Rompers! These are perfect for summer time and spring time engagement sessions. Stick to ones with minimal pattern and ones that can be layered if its a colder location.

7. Bodysuits. In this above picture she is wearing a body suit and high waisted levis. So simple and one of my favorite outfits of the year! Her boyfriend behind her is wearing black jeans, black band tee shirt and a beanie. The best part is that their outfits go together perfectly!

8. Dress it up a bit! If you love to dress it up a bit then have one of your outfits be semi casual. Summer dresses with a pop of color and button up shirts for the guys are a perfect way to dress it up a little.

Tara & Jacob's Garden of the God's Session. 

9. Do not be afraid of patterns just avoid heavy patterns. All the above patterns are amazing! I love every single one of them. Where it gets tricky is when stripes are involved and patterns that cover every tiny inch of an outfit. Those pictures tend to end up looking 3d on camera due to heavy patterns.

10. Do not be afraid to be unique! If you want a session involving surfing lets do it. If you want a session long boarding lets do it. If you want to do an in home for an engagement lets do it. If you want to go to your favorite spots to eat and then play music together lets do it. Lets brainstorm together to tell your story best!

Final pointers on what to avoid. Avoid heavy patterns. Stick to black jeans for guys. Avoid bright neon colors. Avoid reds, oranges and yellows as they often reflect onto the face. However, if you love those colors and want to use them wear a burnt orange color, maroon red or mustard yellow. Those are better versions of those colors to wear.

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