Contreras Family Pictures 2019


First of all Abi Q Photography works magic. We are in awe of our Contreras family pictures. We used her picture of Mendocino for our wedding invite and framed it. She sees things other people do not and has a way to make every moment look magical. Okay I could go on and on but I will get to our year now.

This year my business took off even more. I was traveling almost weekly and have shot over 95 sessions and 24 weddings. My season started in Feb and went until December. Longest season ever and most rewarding ever. January I may need to sleep a lot though.

This year our son was born in June and we had a couple hours notice of him being born. I have never been more anxious and excited all at the same time. We met him on fathers day a couple hours after he was born and it was the best day of our lives so far.

Eli’s the worship pastor at the Bridge. This year we merged church’s and became one. We planted the Bridge 5 years ago and have seen our church burned down due to the fires and then left one campus to be able to join as one. This year we learned that change is always going to be constant and that it can be so very beautiful.

This year we went to Israel with our babes and we both literally felt like we knew Jesus more after this trip. We are more and more excited each day to meet Jesus! This country took our breath away and man reading the Bible will never be the same again.

This year our adoption process has been emotional at times and at other times so smooth and beautiful. We learned to trust God with each day more this year. We learned patience, grace, forgiveness and His love more this year. 

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you loved our Contreras family pictures.

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