Great Sand Dunes National Park | Zoe & Chance



Pretty sure when I got to this location I was in awe but also in fear because I had no idea how to climb these sand dunes and hike to it. Thankfully Zoe and Chance drove me to a parking lot right near the base of the dunes so we could easily hike it. Little did we know a ton of wind and sand would await us there but they were champs through it all! Pretty sure this will always be one of my favorite sessions ever! If you ever have the chance you need to visit the great sand dunes national park!

“The way we met is fairly inconsequential. Guy meets girl. The first date goes well, blah blah blah… But then we had this stupid idea to go on a 2-week road trip to the Pacific Northwest 8 weeks into dating. And if you ever want to know whether or not you are a good match with someone, travel together. Trust us.

We fell in love. Like falling off a cliff-fell in love. Separately, we realized “wow, I want to spend forever with this person.” The road trip was so significant that we got engaged in one of the cities we had visited and got married in another. And now, road trips are like, our thing! We almost always opt to drive places.” – Zoe




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