Jacy & Dakota’s Arizona session


I met Jacy at Phil Chester’s workshop in October of last year. From the second we met it felt like we were instantly close friends. We are really similar it was so crazy! For example, we have both been married for four years, have husband’s that speak Spanish, love photography and Jesus. Since October we have kept in touch and are keeping each other accountable to follow our goals as well as our relationship with God. Jacy is quite honestly a blessing. I was praying for a friend with a similar life stage and passion in life to challenge and encourage me then she came into my life. This girl is beyond talented at photography, trusts God’s plan for her life and loves her husband with her whole heart. She is truly one joyful person that could light up any room with her smile. You might think she sounds too good to be true but you guys friendships like this actually exist. From the second I got out of the car we started talking to the moment I had to go. Living in different states is always hard but thankfully technology and random photo sessions have brought us closer together. So let’s talk all about why you all are reading this, which is to find out about this amazing session.  Jacy & Dakota’s Arizona session was so much fun! We hiked through the park to find the perfect cacti and happened to stumble upon a group of people riding around on their horses (yes I snapped some pictures of them with the horses in the background).  This session was nothing short of thrilling as there was a gun range close by and living in California you are just not used to that sort of thing next to a state park. So I think I can say this Arizona session was one for the books.

Since I am a storyteller I love to not only show you their love story but tell it as well. Here is their love story as told by Jacy: “We met when I was in eighth grade. We were on and off all throughout high school. Dakota really liked me but I wanted to be single. We went to dances together and had the same friend group. When I graduated high school and ended up staying around town he still pursued me. It was at that moment I knew that I loved him. The Lord kept putting us on the same path and I am so happy that He did just that. We dated for two years and then proposed at the Bean in Chicago in front of all our friends on December 16, 2013. We got married on November 29th, 2014 and our love for each other has just grown ever since then”-Jacy

If you would like to see Jacy’s amazing photography website check it out here:  https://www.jacyhermesphotography.com/


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