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Kaylee & Will’s love story:
Will and I could not have come from more different backgrounds. In short, Will was a city boy in a Christian metal band playing guitar. I was a country girl who wasn’t strong in my faith and grew up playing classical violin music. When we met, we never dreamed we’d be where we are today!
Six years ago, we met in a small church I had just started attending. Will, being a worship leader in this church, heard I played the violin and asked me to play music with him… I nervously accepted & the rest is history! He mentored and influenced me in a beautiful way as I was growing my faith. We fell in love right away and were inseparable despite trials that came our way.
We had a bit of a rocky start. We got engaged and eloped in secret. We kept everything quiet for over a year! I was anxious and fearful of what my family would think so he respected my wishes in keeping it to ourselves. When we finally decided to share our news, the guilt and shame we felt had been lifted and were finally able to blossom in our marriage. My family welcomed him in and everyone is very supportive of us now. Though, if we could go back in time to do it differently and have our dream wedding, we absolutely would. But, we’ve learned to not live our lives in regret and instead learn from what was to create a better tomorrow!
We’re coming up on our third year anniversary and we could not be happier! We have a cat baby and have gone on amazing adventures in the past few years. Recently, Will joined the Army to better our lives and do what he loves as a Medic in an exciting new way. Our many months apart while also considering his year-long deployments to come in the near future have definitely put things into perspective for us. Every day we strive to love each other like there’s no tomorrow and for that, our marriage is stronger than ever. God’s had his hand on us from the start and I’m blessed to know such a wonderful man who does all he can to take care of his family. We are simply two best friends who fell in love and that hasn’t changed one bit!
  1. Pat Goff

    January 26th, 2018 at 10:06 am

    Beautiful pictures of our granddaughter and Hubby💞💞

  2. jcontreras

    January 26th, 2018 at 12:15 pm

    Thank you! You have an amazing granddaughter she is one amazing girl! Love these two together!

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