Kelly & David’s salvation mountain session


Kelly & David’s salvation mountain session was nothing short of incredible. It was my first time here and it was definitely an adventure, to say the least. Its an hour away from any real bathroom or place to eat so just keep that in mind if you are traveling here. That being said it is nice to be out in the open and having a ton of space to shoot on. It is truly incredible that a man made this mountain his lifelong calling from God. As a believer myself I really think that this expression of love for God through art is one that should always be treasured. I am so glad I was able to see it in person. If you get the chance you need to go! Kelly and David’s session was so much fun. Kelly is an amazing photographer herself so we had so much to talk about. Kelly and David have such great chemistry. It was truly an honor to capture their love story on camera.

Since I am a storyteller I love to not only show you their love story but tell it as well. Here is their love story as told by Kelly:

“Alright I wish we had a more dramatic how we met story but the truth is we met online!  Before there was Tinder and Bumble there was OkCupid and that’s where we met.  He first messaged me, and I hate to say it but I had seen his profile before and didn’t think to message him.  Though I (luckily) responded to him and after a few days of back and forth exchanges we set a date.  It was going to be a Thursday night dinner drinks sorta thing.  Well again I hate to say it but I canceled..well rather rescheduled.  Not to get into to much detail but it involved another boy and a certain live NPR show I happened to get tickets too.  In hindsight, David also liked the same show so I could have taken him but I  was not aware of that at the time.  So we rescheduled for a Sunday afternoon coffee date…yes, a bit of a contrast to the original plan but really I think it went just how it should have.

We met at a local coffee shop that to be honest I have only since frequented on the anniversary of our first date.  It was a warm May day and I had recently sprained my ankle so I had it wrapped up which I’m sure was so attractive.  I arrived first, sat outside, and shortly thereafter felt like maybe I should go inside before the sweating became a potential issue.  Before I could David arrived, I was wearing my sunglasses and I think the thing I said after “Nice to meet you” was “these are my eyes” after so smoothly lowering my sunglasses so he could see I had eyes or something I don’t know what I was thinking there.  We moved the date inside to much cooler temperatures and ended up having a 3-hour long conversation over iced coffee and chai tea.  Much of that conversation included topics like how much we both dislike crowds or questioning why people go to Coachella – and I guess this was all we needed because we were texting just a few short hours after we said goodbye.  For me, I think it took a couple weeks before I realized “I think I like this guy, crap this means now I’m gonna overthink everything.”  Luckily David happens to be a very patient, non-overthinking type so that really balanced out my dating anxiety.

Fast forward 2 years later we got engaged on Mother’s Day 2016 – and yes I did know it was coming (hard not to when we already directly and not so indirectly chatted about it for months leading up the day).  Though I did not see it coming on the day it did… I mean it was Mother’s Day and all.  But it really worked out because that allowed for me to be more surprised and we had plans to see each of our families that day so could excitedly share the news in person which was a big plus.  So how did he do it?  Well, it’s funny, it was lovely and simple and I can remember it like it was yesterday but the funny part is he proposed at the top of a hike we often did that I later learned how much he disliked doing.  And since that day he has probably only gone with me 4 times total since.  But it worked out quite well, for a Sunday morning there was surprisingly no one else at the top of the mountain.
I stood looking out at the view away from David and he said “hey Kel” I turned to see him holding a royal blue box to which I replied knowingly “what’s that?” he got down on one knee and said “I love you, you’re my best friend I can’t imagine waiting another moment to call you my fiancé.  Will you marry me?” and because I couldn’t help myself  I jokingly said “no” followed immediately by a “just kidding, yes.” And that was it!  Simple, private and in a spot that I still like to hike to this day and David… well him too on the very rare special occasion”- Kelly

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