Kirsten & Ryan’s Oakland in home session


Kirsten & Ryan’s Oakland in home session is one close to my heart. Not only did I get to meet my amazing photographer friend for the first time in person (we have been Instagram friends for over a year) but I also got to meet her amazing dog, Birch. Birch is a beautiful doodle and he happens to be the same exact breed that I have been dreaming about getting for years. Long story short, I took so many pictures of him because well look at him…he is the cutest dog I have ever seen. He also has his own Instagram and website! I will link it below for all of you to see.

Birch’s Instagram: @thatdoodbirch

Since I love a good love story here is how Kirsten & Ryan met and fell in love as told by Kirsten.

“We met through a mutual friend who set up a movie night at a burger and milkshake shop where I was essentially forced to talk to Ryan as it was too loud to talk to anyone else. Our mutual friend had invited too many people and no longer had room in his car for me and my roommate so we were forced to get a ride home with basically stranger at the time (thanks Ryan). This was pre- uber days, so really we had no other choice. We chatted on the ride home, I thought it was cute, but he dropped us off and that was the end of it. Turns out Ryan had gotten my phone number from our mutual friend. We were still in college at the time, so we had class the next day. I was in ceramics class throwing on the wheel when I took a break to check my phone and I saw that I had missed a call and voicemail. I, of course, didn’t clean off my hands and I listened to the voicemail and it was so exciting when I found out it was from the cute boy from the night before calling to see if I was free to go out. After asking all my classmates I decided to get back to him right away and we set a time for the date.”

“From there on the rest is history. On our first date I ordered a massive bowl of pasta an the waiter told me “Wow you really pounded that out” as I ate the entire bowl, and I would imagine that is what sold Ryan on making me his wife. But from there on we really just clicked. We continued to date through the seasons and Ryan asked me to marry him by filling me with pizza and taking me on a nature walk (If you know me you know I love walking) to where he spelled out ‘will you marry me?’ with sunflowers. Since then we have moved multiple times and gained a giant puppy. We are currently now living in Oakland and go to the beach whenever we can.”-Kirsten

P.S. An amazing cute video of them by @Janeagreenecreative

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