Marco & Cecilia’s Fair Session



Nothing I can say can compare to what Marco is about to say. Marco has always had a way with words and been a romantic but man he blew us all away with what he is about to say next. Also, Mrs. Gregori if you are out there I think we can say he learned a lot from IB English class at Montgomery High School. On another note, I love these two very much and admire their love for one another. I hope you love Marco & Cecilia’s Fair Session!
“There are things that coincidences can’t explain. Cecilia is one of those things.
Many of us hope, want, pray for some sort of earth-shattering, life-altering love that will change the fabric of our being. Not me. A romantic? Sure. But earth-shattering love? No way. Love takes work. Love takes dedication. The struggle defines the depth, it doesn’t just strike people like lightning. I wore melancholy and hardship like a badge, and refused to believe in “soul mate” love. That is for fairy tales.
Cecilia changed that. She changed that with the first kiss and the first look. The kind that brings such a rush of feeling that your heart can’t contain the tears of happiness. We passed each other in high school hallways, we ran in similar circles, but it wasn’t time. Ten years later, Cecilia was placed in my life with such coincidence that it can only be explained in one word: destiny. Her kind, compassionate, powerful soul captured me in a way I will never be able to accurately express. Here’s a try:
As the tide pulls in
I see the same in your eyes
The moon beckoning”
-Marco Sotres


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