Moab National Park | Emilee and Brad



It was such an honor to take pictures of this couple! For one, they are the sweetest couple ever and for two, they are such models am I right? This couple adventured with me in Moab National Park at sunrise in freezing cold Utah weather so they are pretty much all around the best. Moab National Park I hope you love reading their love story below. Also, fun fact I did indeed buy this sweater for my friend and I after I felt how insanely soft it was!

“Emilee and Brad met on a blind date a few years ago and immediately hit it off. They continued to grow closer as they got to know one another better.  A few years after they met Brad decided to propose. Marriage was something commonly talked about while dating and Brad chose to surprise Emilee with a ring as she went to tour a venue for their wedding. Brad hung lanterns and sprinkled rose petals paving the way to where he stood waiting to drop the big question with Emilee’s favorite song playing. They now have a beautiful fur child and are enjoying life in Salt Lake City together”



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