Rodeo Beach | Ciana & Nick


This Rodeo beach session tugged on all my heart strings. These two were unable to have a full on wedding of their dreams due to the raging CA fires last year. So one year later here we took her dress out finally for some one year anniversary bridal pictures. Her sweet friend and parents gave this session to her and her hubby as her Christmas gift & it just melted my heart. 

Nick and I always tease each other about who has to tell the “how they met” story. We’ve agreed that I have to tell my people and he has to tell his, but he’s much more of a natural speaker so sometimes I get let off the hook!

Long story short- we met on a dating app. Coffee Meets Bagel to be precise. I wasn’t looking for anything serious, I had a history of bad heartbreak and let downs and just wanted to meet people- at least, that’s what I wanted until Nick and I found each-other.

From the beginning I knew he was different from anyone I had known before- totally different, and so confident and sure about what he wanted. After we talked for awhile and I found out that what he wanted was me, of all people, I couldn’t resist him, and we fell into a kind of love that’s not helpless and it’s not head over heels- it’s not losing your head or even really falling. We jumped in to our love together, hand in hand, with faith and trust, and found that we could thrive. Together.

He’s my best friend, my encourager, my comforter, my biggest fan, my partner in laughter and tears, and my number one supporter. He’s my perfect complimentary opposite. And I am his. We belong fully to each-other and it has been nothing but pure joy to experience this crazy and beautiful life, as long as we are able to do it together. After a little over a year of marriage, there’s nowhere else we’d rather be than where we are right now.

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