Saguaro National Park | Tucson Arizona | Micah & Kenneth



This Saguaro National Park session was pure magic! Seriously Micah and Kenneth are so in love they made our job super easy. Jacy and I had so much fun throughout this whole shoot. They were making us laugh, sing and dance throughout the whole session. Plus we have a lot of fun jokes just from being together for a couple of hours. I think its safe to say we all became friends that night!

Amazing Vendors:

  Their love story as told by Micah:

Mackenzie and I met in college, the soccer field to be exact. I had been on campus as a freshman for all of two weeks, we were there for soccer preseason, and he came up to me and introduced himself.

It sounds crazy, but I shook his hand and knew it was over. He was the guy. At least I really hoped so!

We spoke briefly a few more times that week, a casual wave during practice, then “excuse me, Micah” in the cafeteria when I almost ran into him during dinner.

A couple of weeks later we sealed the deal with the worlds worst/best first date. We went to see a movie, that we later found out, had NO TALKING. Two hours of just background music and it was so bad. People were getting up and leaving and we ended up walking out after an hour too. But we took our movie snacks and went for a drive and the rest is history!


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