San Francisco In Home Photoshoot | Sandra & Brad


My morning was filled with waffles, bacon and hanging out on an awesome rooftop. Sandra and Brad were seriously a dream for this San Francisco in home photoshoot! I loved hearing all about how they met and their favorite places to eat in the city (I can always use more recs.). Here is how they met:
“To me, our story is pretty funny, but also my favorite. We met on a dating app (very SF I know) and Brad took forever to respond to me. To this day, I know he was scared to meet me because he thought I was cat-fishing him. *eyeroll* My best friend even told me to stop messaging him! However, thankfully they are the best buddies now. It took Brad and I a few weeks to meet after we started talking. He was traveling home often and I was going to school for a nursing degree. So when we were both finally free on a Friday night, we of course decided to meet at Jaxons in the Marina.
Brad “conveniently” ordered a drink right next to me, and insists to this day that it was a coincidence we were right next to each other. We had a good night, but I was not convinced I wanted to see him again.

I have to admit he’s charming, so when we discovered we lived a few blocks away, I agreed to a first date. We went to an Italian restaurant and Brad was spilling marinara sauce all over himself because he was so nervous. He hoped that I didn’t see it (he now denies this). Naturally I was hesitant to continue seeing this dork. Plus his sarcasm was “so advanced” that I didn’t understand he was joking about stupid things.
But we hung out a few more times, and it was easy to find excuses to spend time together because we lived closely. And here we are 3 years later, newly moved in and so ready to start this new chapter together!

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