Tara & Jacob’s Garden of the God’s Session



This session is close to my heart because Tara and Jacob was the first couple I ever shot four years ago. They trusted me back when I was a beginner with couples photography and I love them for that. Now four years later I was able to have them in front of my camera again and it was so much fun! I hope you all love Tara & Jacob’s Garden of the God’s Session.

Tara & Jacob’s love story as told by Tara:

“I met Jacob when I was 16 on a random late night drive, that turned into too many to count late night drives where we bonded over music, faith, and shared dreams. While Jacob swears that at first sight, he knew I would be a big part of his life, it took me much longer to realize it. Thankfully Jacob is one of the most faithful and committed people I have met, and that is what eventually won me over. We were married in a beautiful Victorian house surrounded by all of those that we love, and then jumped into our biggest adventure, moving to Denver! Our first year has been full of exploring our new city and growing in love and oneness. We are so excited for year two!”

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