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As a wedding photographer I think the number one thing I hear from brides is that the planning part is a bit overwhelming. I totally get that as it was for my wedding as well. That is why I wanted to reach out to one amazing wedding planner, Elise Brannan to ask her top 3 wedding planning tips.

When I’m meeting with a couple and want to share some sage advice these are the three that I most often emphasize! So let’s dive in…

1) Be really conscious and diligent about your Guest List! Your guest count can effect so many things on your wedding day, but it can be one of the easiest ways to loose control of your wedding budget. When you think of adding on even a handful of guests to the list; keep in mind that it can add an extra table, an extra centerpiece, an extra linen, and extra chairs. That doesn’t even include their additional meal, alcohol, and favor costs.

I’d recommend really pouring over your guest list to make sure every single person is someone you’re looking forward to seeing on your wedding day. For example- if you’ve never met your cousin’s boyfriend of 6 months, than she probably doesn’t need that plus one.

2) Hire a planner! This may sound a little silly and obvious coming from a wedding planner,  but I promise you’ll thank me later! Having a wedding planner can instantly relieve stress in the planning process. Even if you hire a planner just as your Month of Coordinator, you still will receive all of their industry connections.

This can include, their preferred vendor list (which is pre-vetted for you), their curated discounts with other vendors like rental companies (this can save you money and stress!), and their general know-how when it comes to navigating the planning process.

The wedding industry is it’s own world and it’s so valuable to have an insider/professional there to guide you through. I love giving advice and recommendations to all of my couple’s because (1) it makes my job go a little more smoothly and (2) it helps make their wedding day unforgettable! 

3) Make your wedding about YOU! So often brides and grooms get caught up in what others want or expect of them on their wedding day. This day is about celebrating your love and the commonalities that brought you together! Use your wedding day as an opportunity to express your personality. If you’re a Harry Potter fan- go ahead and name table 9, table “9 and 3/4”. If you love gaming, create a Nintendo game lounge for you and your guests to enjoy! If you love vintage records why not have your collection included as decorations?! The more you infuse your personality and style the more you’ll love every detail of the day! Best of luck to all the newly engaged couples out there! Sending lots of love and positive vibes for a smooth and wonderful planning process

<3xx Elise Brannan, Brannan Events & Design

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