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It is no secret that I love California. I am biased but I believe we have some of the best places to visit in the whole world. We have the city, mountains, forest, ocean, lakes, rivers, hills, desert and meadows all within one state! So it is also no secret we have some of the top venues in all of the United States. I am so happy to share with you all my top 5 wedding venues in northern California. These are in no particular order I love them all equally! For all my top 2020 couples take a look at all these amazing venues and my favorite top 5 wedding venues in northern California!

  1. McEvoy Ranch- Petaluma, California This venue is seriously heavenly. I cannot wait for Sara & Andrew’s wedding here in September! This venue has multiple locations you can get married at which provides couples with so many options. The location below being my favorite because the view is stunning. In addition, it has so many great views from lakes to vineyards to meadows on a hillside. What more could you want?

2. Viansa Winery- Sonoma, California This venue made me fall in love with wineries all over again. I have to admit wineries are usually not my favorite to shoot at but this one won me over. Its view side and architecture made me feel as if I was in Italy shooting a wedding. I think the view speaks for itself so I will let you see why I fell in love with it.

3. The Pearl- San Fransisco, California This modern SF wedding venue is amazing! I fell in love with the lights, white walls, plants everywhere and one amazing rooftop view. I walked away dreaming of shooting a wedding there someday soon! Seriously you guys the view is so amazing and almost feels a little bit like a New York City rooftop wedding from a movie. The school night pictures attached is a separate location right next to it that you can have your rehearsal dinner at. I just love that this venue has so many great spots!

4. Meadowood- Napa, California I second shot a wedding here last year and fell in love with this space. The trees, beautiful lawns and so many great spaces to get married, get ready and take pictures. This spot is so unique and screams Napa Valley for any couples wanting to treat there guests to a true wine country wedding. Plus, if you are ever wanting to try a Michelin star restaurant they have one located here. Currently on my goal list to save up to eat here someday soon!

Meadowood website

5. Stable Cafe- San Fransisco, California This is one amazing space for a small wedding in San Fransisco. It is seriously amazing from its decor to chairs to plants. My favorite part is the hanging plants, the lights that string down and the atmosphere. Plus its one amazing coffee shop too. How cool is that? Hoping I get to shoot a wedding here real soon!

Honorable mention- I love Coffey’s cove! It is a beautiful barn by the coast in Mendocino, California. I was supposed to feature this venue but due to an emergency surgery I was unable to visit this venue and take pictures. However, I hope you take the time to look at their amazing website and venue!

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