Top 50 pictures of the year | 2019 edition


This is my fifth year doing my top 50 pictures of the year. It started off as my top 25 pictures in 2014 and has now grown to a top 50 pictures of the year post because I am indecisive and quite frankly love ALL my sessions and weddings so much. As I am writing this I already feel like I want to add so many more from some more of my amazing weddings this year and sessions. However, I had to narrow it down to the pictures that inspired me most this year. Some inspired me because it was the weekend my son was born, some were moments when knew that I was shooting, some were unexpected sessions and some of these sessions happened when I needed to be inspired the most and was in some hard seasons of life. There is a story behind each picture and that is what I love about this passion of mine, each picture is a snapshot in their lives and in mine (my creative journey as an artist). I love you all and if I was being honest all my pictures this year would go on my top pictures post! Every year I grow as an artist and I take on more sessions and weddings where the couples truly blow me away. This year so many of my couples supported our adoption and sent us gifts/cards. It made my year and reminded me I have the best clients turned friends in the world!

This year will always be close to my heart. It was the year my business took off into full time traveling for photography. It was the year we adopted our son. It was the year I became a working mom. It was the year we once again had a fire in our town. It was the year that taught me empathy, compassion, grace and forgiveness truly mean. It was the year that showed me how amazing our village is. Thank you all for being in our village!

Here is a look back on last years top 50 pictures of 2018.

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