What To Know Before You Hire A Florist For Your Wedding Day


What to know before you hire a florist for your wedding day was inspired by working with some amazing florists in the past year. One of them being the amazing mackfloraldesign who helped me write this blog post. I realized that having the right florals that reflect you guys as a couple really does make the wedding day more special, not only that but it makes for some killer photos too! I hope you enjoy these amazing tips from Natalie!

Also, the amazing florals you see below are Natalie’s creation for a recent wedding she designed for.


What is the most important thing to look for when hiring a florist? 
Pick a florist whose style you love. If you have a really specific look in mind for your wedding day, search around on Instagram and on different florist’s websites until you find someone who has a similar vibe/feel. Once you have narrowed down your search to a couple of florists that you love, meet up with them if you can for coffee. As silly as it may sound, it’s important to find out if you’re a good “match” creatively. If you leave the meeting feeling more inspired and excited for your wedding – chances are, you’ve found your floral designer!

How do I know what style/type of flowers to pick for my wedding? 
Pick a color palette and then talk with your florist about what is in season around the time of your wedding. Most every bride wants to incorporate peonies and ranunculus into their wedding florals – but unfortunately, they have a very narrow seasonal availability and even if they can be shipped in from overseas, they’re not going to be as fresh as if they were plucked from a local grower. Think about the weather and consider whether or not you’re having an indoor or outdoor wedding. Some flowers are more delicate than others – if you’re getting married outside in the middle of the summer, you’ll definitely want to use mostly hearty blooms! Also, stay true to your personal aesthetic. What flowers do you gravitate towards displaying in your own home? Pick what you love, just elevate it. If you go for the latest trend, you may wish years later that you had stuck with your favorites! 
What’s your biggest piece of advice for the wedding day when it comes to florals? 
Trust your florist. Tell them what you love and what you don’t and have confidence that they’re going to go above and beyond to execute your vision. As a designer, when I know that my couples trust me and when they give me a little creative license – that’s when the magic happens. Also, consider investing the majority of your floral budget in areas that are going to be heavily photographed- think bouquets, statement piece areas (ceremony, sweetheart table backdrop etc.) Think about ways to re-purpose. Can the big gorgeous arrangements you used for the ceremony be moved to be a focal point at the reception? Skip doing stuff down the aisles and keep it minimal around the bar/cocktail area. During the ceremony, everyone is looking at the front of the aisle and the chairs get lost, and at the bar, people just want their drinks – they don’t care about the flowers!
What is the newest floral trend you are seeing for 2019 brides? 
For the past few years, people have loved greenery everything and dusty rose/mauve/blush tones. For 2019, many of my couples are still loving greenery, but are returning to a more neutral palette with classic whites and a more traditional feel. I’m secretly (not so secretly) hoping that there will be a request for some brighter palettes and mixture of colors! Don’t be afraid to have fun with your flowers!

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