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Advice for my 2020 brides from my 2019 brides


Every year I make it my goal to help couples feel less stressed and have more fun in the wedding planning process. Every year I ask a couple brides to give their advice and honestly it is always amazing. Each year I am blown away by the advice they give and how helpful it is for my future couples weddings. Hope you enjoy this years edition of advice for my 2020 brides from my 2019 brides.

One of my biggest pieces of advice to brides would be DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP. My husband and I did almost everything. We did not delegate things to our bridal party for the fear of making them take on too much and we were afraid that if we let someone take on something they wouldn’t do it the way we wanted. It’s funny now because our wedding didn’t even really look like what I wanted anyway (beautiful of course!). It wasn’t until just days before our wedding that I had a complete mental break trying to buy all of our drinks, appetizers and dessert just my husband and I in his Nissan Sentra. We ended up calling the best man and my mom, and of course they came through at the last minute, SO willing to help. The truth is, tons of people will tell you to ask them if you need anything, so take them up on it. Even if it’s months later, people will be so happy to show up and help be a part of what you’re doing. Two possible bad things can happen: they can say is no, in which case ask the dozens of other people who offered or it won’t turn out the way you wanted and in that case remember that it is so rare that 100% of your efforts/ideas will turn out exactly the way you wanted. So take a load off and let other people take a load to save you the mental break days before your wedding. -Sadie

My advice for brides: don’t try to please everyone!  I found that so many people had opinions when it came to my wedding day and it became a bit overwhelming, so I just focused on my vision.  I preferred low key and so I skipped all of the traditional things and I was so happy I did despite pushback from others because my wedding day was exactly how I had envisioned it.  I’ve found that a lot of friends felt pressured to do certain things: toss the bouquet, cut the cake, bridal party introductions, etc., and they felt like it took away from being in the moment because everything was so scheduled-so don’t do things just because you feel like you should.  Live in the moment, take time to just pause and look around and take it all in, it flies by. -Chelsea

I have a few pieces of advice for brides:

1. Focus on the details that are going to surprise & delight your guests. It helps add to the magic of the entire day.

2. Create a moment for your community to connect before the big day: welcome BBQ, meet up at a brewery, ice cream social, etc. This helps make everyone feel like one family on your wedding day.

3.Do everything you can to just be present on your wedding day. You and your partner have worked so hard to plan such an important moment. Make eye contact with all your guests during your ceremony. Take 15 minutes after ceremony to just drink a cocktail and have a private moment with your husband. Don’t feel obligated to do meet & greets. Just enjoy the people coming up to you, eating your amazing food and dancing with your family. Keep your phone away, after all that’s why you invested in a fabulous photographer

Choose vendors that you can totally see yourself becoming friends with! Getting to have these point people that totally understand your vibe and personality means you’ll be so well taken care of on your special day. (I remember calling Jana and she gave the best words of wisdom when there was a chance of rain!) Also as a pro-tip, use any built-in wedding appointments to intentionally plan in some quality date time or adventure days with your fiancé- like your engagement shoot or menu tastings!

My advice for your 2020 bride: Take the time to make wedding planning fun! If you and your partner have decisions to make, plan a wedding planning brunch where you have a mimosa and truly get excited about each detail your planning! Don’t let each item become a chore, because in the end as long as you and your partner enjoy the day you’ll be satisfied! -Toni

A little advice to the future brides out there: try not to stress. Everything will happen the way it is meant to be. During the week of your wedding it is important to take time for yourself and do at least one thing that makes you happy. It could be getting a facial, getting some exercise in, or even taking a moment to breathe. Whatever it is just setting aside a little time for just you and practicing self care is essential to fully enjoying your big day. -Victoria

Hope you all enjoyed these couples advice for my 2020 brides. Now go eat some yummy food together and try to fully enjoy this planning process!

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