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Answering the questions google say to ask your wedding photographer


Today I thought it would be fun to for to help you guys out by answering questions google say to ask your wedding photographer. It was hard to find an exact list so I searched this question and took questions I saw most come up on each page from different blogs google promoted. Some of these answers may be short and sweet and some might take a bit of explaining.

1. How many photos should I expect to get?

Every photographer is so different, this is a great question to ask your potential wedding photographer. I do custom packages for all my couples and each one specifically says how many photos with each package you will get. They typically range from 200-600 photos.

2. How much money should I save for my wedding photographer?

Every state is so different depending on how much it costs to live and work in it. We live in California, one of the most expensive places in the US to live, so the range of what photographers charge here will be more than other states. Typically in the bay area the range is 2,000-8,000 for digital wedding photographers. My range for normal size weddings is usually 4 thousand and up.

3. How can I get the most out of my wedding photographer?

This is the funniest question, I am not sure what they mean truthfully. I think it is important to ask them what makes them unique as a photographer. I usually at this point tell my couples I love to serve them fully. From helping with their timeline, to finding great restaurants in the area, to basically asking any question they have about any part of the wedding.

4. Can I see a full wedding gallery?

This question I got so much that I finally put full gallery slideshows of 10 weddings on my website. Now when asked I send my couples this link to view them.

5. Can we customize our wedding package?

I only do customizable wedding packages so each are catered to the couple after face-timing them to find out their needs.

6. How did you get started in photography?

I got started 9 years ago as a preschool teacher being in charge of photos for my students. Then I started shooting film as well on my grandpas film camera about 8 years ago. I bought a full frame canon camera started into a photography business 7 years ago. I jumped right in with only a little bit of experience and a lot of prayer. My full story is a long one, in short I got diagnosed with a heart disorder, had to quit my teaching job due to too many germs and felt God had a door opened for this dream job of mine. I had a couple months of shooting under my belt before opening up shop, but honestly I went from not really knowing how to shoot on manual to starting my own business doing this full time within 2-3 months. I am a go getter if you cannot tell and probably should have slowed down a bit, but so grateful I kept going at this career.

7. How long have you been shooting weddings for?

My first wedding was I believe 9 years ago, I was a second shooter though. My first on my own wedding was 2017, so I have been doing weddings full time for going on 5 years. I believe in 2022 I will hit about 100 weddings shot.

8. What is your photography style?

Documentary style, candid, editorial, film look for my black and whites

9. What happens if there is an emergency with you?

I find an amazing back up to shoot your wedding and I would still edit it so it looks just like my work still.

10. What type of equipment do you shoot on?

Mark 3 and 24-70 canon. Never used any other lens for a wedding just this one and love it!

11. Do you use a second shooter?

If it is in your package or you add it on I do. I charge 350-400 for a second shooter usually. I recommend them only if your wedding is above 120/150 people.

12. Do we need to provide a vendor with meal for you?

Yes, it is in my contract that I would love to be fed. 🙂

13. Do you have insurance?

Heck yes we do! Liability and equipment insurance through State Farm.

14. When will we get the photos?

Depends on how busy that month is with jobs for me. Some months I get wedding galleries back within 10 days other months it takes 3-5 weeks.

15. Is wedding photography your full-time job?

Yes, I have been full time since the day I started 7 years ago!

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