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Best Local Restaurants in Sonoma County


If you know me you know I love supporting local businesses. If you are going to spend money on food might as well be amazing and local. I wanted to publish this blog post to show my couples and guests where I love to eat when they come to wine country for a destination session or wedding. As well as showing everyone what the best local restaurants in Sonoma County are I also wanted to thank these local businesses for being so amazing at what they do. They each pour their heart and soul into their art. I want to just let them all know how much I appreciate them and am thankful they started their amazing businesses!

The Pharmacy Santa Rosa, California

You know when you walk into a place and it feels like home? That’s the Pharmacy for me. The owners are amazing, food is to die for and the atmosphere is like something from a movie. My go to meal is avocado toast on the best bread ever and a chocolate chip cookie. On a side note, their thanksgiving sandwich was heavenly cannot wait for that to come back. Really anything you get here will make your day! This is my go to place to eat each week and I love that the owners know my sons name and love on him from the moment we walk in.

I also met their amazing local farmer who sells her amazing veggies, pasta and much more to the Pharmacy to use in their dishes. Beet Generation Farm veggies are featured below.

Stockhome Restaurant: Petaluma, California

My friend Elise Aileen told me about this amazing place since she shot pictures for them when they first opened up and said everything she tasted was out of this world. (Shameless friend plug to go see her work I linked it to her name). I am a foodie to a T and when I hear there is a new local place that I have to try I make it happen. Let me tell you I have been there for date nights, girls night outs and by myself because it is just that good. My go to is the chicken kebab plate with fries and the Karleks Mums (one of the best desserts I have ever had). When I shot these pictures I also got to try the Gravlax Cured Salmon. I might just have a new favorite and its so refreshing too! The owners are amazing and truly have a passion for making each plate of food a work of art.

The Farmers Wife– Sebastopol, California

My husband used to look forward at lunches on Wednesday’s at Sofi when he used to work there years ago. The whole office looked forward to Wednesday’s because it was catered by The Farmer’s Wife. He would come home and rave about the food. If you know him he very rarely says any food is amazing he is major foodie (and great home chef) so he gives out his gold star sparingly. That being said the first day it opened I knew I had to try it and I have been hooked ever since. I actually spent my last birthday with friends here. I had the pleasure of taking pictures for Kendra months ago before the flood and I am so happy to be back to do so once again. She is resilient and full of joy which she pours into her food. Her food will make you addicted within one bite. My go to is a tuna melt but I just had her apple quince mostarda, local cheddars + pt. reyes blue and it was so yummy. Also, they just released their new BLT and pictures are below. Okay now stop what you are doing and go try this amazing place in the Barlow!

Healdsburger: Healdsburg, California

My dad’s favorite restaurant. He brought us here many years ago and ever since its been a go to for anyone that comes into town to take them to. Hand cut fries, yummy milkshakes and burgers plus the best chicken caesar salad. I usually get the chicken caesar salad before I shoot weddings up north. Best fuel for a long day. You have to try this amazing food. They have an amazing outdoor patio where you could eat at or you could take it to go and eat it by the river across the bridge.

Tomi Thai: Windsor, California

I first ate here 8 years ago when I first started working as a teacher in Windsor. I would come here once a week for lunch and take it to go on my break. I fell in love with their chicken pad thai and I have never found one the same since. This family owned restaurant is filled with yummy food and one amazing family that pours their love into their food. This is by far my favorite place on the town green in Windsor. If you are in the area you have to try so many of their amazing dishes!

Nectary: Sebastopol California

The Barlow is my second home. It is so peaceful and full of SO many amazing places to eat at. My favorite place to get a smoothie at is the Nectary. I found it years ago and to this day if people ask me what to get me for my birthday, anniversary, Christmas and so on its a gift card to feed my funky monkey with strawberries addiction. They have so many amazing smoothies, juices and healthy treats! Literally, I dream of this place all the time. Gia, the owner, has the sweetest soul and gives this amazing business her all. Her and Kendra both have been so resilient through all that they have been through with the floods. It has truly been amazing to see them rise up and make their businesses even better.

Florals featured at The Nectary by Feather Flower Farm.

BurtoNZ Bakery: Windsor, California

I go back and forth to South Africa every couple years for missions work through Camping 4 Africa and I found my love for meat pies over there. When I came back to the states I could not find any meat pies that were even close to how the ones there tasted until I found BurtoNZ Bakery. Now I get my bread there each week. When I come here for a date day with my hubby we get Chicken creamy pies and chocolate chip cookies. The owners are so sweet and from New Zealand. After eating here I feel like I have had a taste of what it feels like to visit New Zealand.

Now add these places to your list of places to try soon!

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