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How to look best the day of your wedding & How to be camera ready the day of your wedding.


I had a request come in for this wedding blog and it was one that honestly seems simple yet complex all in one. There is so much you could do to prep for your wedding, just know it is okay to also just keep on doing what you are doing to be healthy, get rest and get excited for the wedding. That being said if you want to try and look/feel your best the day of the wedding here are some tips and tricks.

Prep for the wedding day:

  1. Get a lot of rest. Turn off phones/screens at 8:30 pm, drink tea, take a shower, pray or be silent, read the Bible etc. The more rest you get the more you will get less acne, bags under your eyes and feel out of it. This one seems simple, but it is so hard to do when you have a wedding to plan so set boundaries of days when you plan and days when you do not plan. Make sure to pencil in sleep and naps when needed too.
  2. Follow hair and makeup instruction. Some call for cleansing the skin a certain way before, taking showers night before etc. I am no artist in this field, but as your artists and take their advice on how to prep as well. I would say to moisturize your face, do face masks, hair treatments and spot treatments with acne patches when necessary leading up to your wedding day.
  3. Spray tans- Let me just say some people can totally pull of the spray tan look for their wedding day, but its one that a. is super hard to edit (orangey tones) and that look that way in photos a lot of time too. I usually let my couples if they ask that its one thing to skip to make you look like you. (If spray tan artists are reading this, you are amazing this is only my preference for making skin tones look as natural as possible).
  4. Nails- Most girls have their whole party do nails. I love this, I just say keep it simple and do something that is timeless so you will love it forever.
  5. Drink lots of water and vitamins a couple days leading up to your wedding and on your wedding day. Nuun is a great tablet for electrolytes to prep for a wedding day. I have seen brides almost pass out before and that is something you do not want to do. So stay healthy, drink lots of water and electrolytes to prep for your wedding day. If you have healthy issues I would even get an IV from an IV station that has electrolytes in it to make sure you are feeling your best. I would even do it after too so you can recover faster, however I am speaking to more of the chronic illness couples with this one.
  6. Eat healthy meals so your gut stays healthy before the wedding. I would stick to grain bowls, foods you are not allergic to and easy to digest meals if you have gut issues.
  7. Have your suitcase ready for the honeymoon, getting ready clothes and everything you need for the day all in the front of your house ready to go the night before your wedding. Have your maid of honor or family be in charge of food, snacks and water the day. Assign one of them to be watching your intake so you do not forget to eat food and drink water the day of your wedding.
  8. Email vendors 3 days before the wedding to check in one last time about everything and then sign off and give everyone your planner or maid of honors number.
  9. I would say exercise everyday to be healthy leading up to the wedding day is something everyone should try and do but let’s be real its complicated to even go to the gym now. So try to get walks, jogs, yoga or whatever you like in when you can to feel you best the day of the wedding.
  10. Have date nights leading up to the wedding day where planning is off limits, laugh and find joyful moments leading up to the big day.

How to be camera ready the day of your wedding:

  1. Have your getting ready outfit ready night before. I would avoid nude colors as they can be see through and for sure where a bra the day of as it will be on film/camera for all to see later.
  2. Clean the airbnb/hotel or anywhere you are getting ready so that you are ready for us when we arrive.
  3. Make sure you book a getting ready space with lots of light so the makeup/hair artists have enough light to do their job and so that the photography/film can be done in that space.
  4. One way to prep for the camera is to have an engagement shoot so you are used to the camera being around. If you are unable to do this I honestly face time or just get to know your photographer more so that you are comfortable on your wedding day with them. If you hire one that has been at it a while they will know how to make you feel at ease almost instantly.
  5. Make sure you fill out your questionerre that your photographer sends you so that the photographer/videographer is prepped and ready to shoot documentary style while knowing what your vision is.
  6. Have water and snacks on hand for breaks in between the photo parts of the day.
  7. Hire your makeup artist for touch ups or buy their touch up kit for half way throughout the day.
  8. Take breaks when needed and know that we are here to serve you and be flexible. Just have a wonderful day and know we are here to help you be yourself on camera, while making you laugh here and there too.

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