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How to pick what to wear to your photoshoot and where to hold your photoshoot.


For most planning out the location and outfits for their session is stressful. Most people have no idea what location has the best light and even what looks good on camera. That is where I step in to help you out. Think of it like telling the story and each piece of the puzzle helps tell the story a little bit more. For me every photoshoot has also been a chance to promote my branding a little bit more so I think of locations that fit my instagram feed, website as well as tells the story of what my family loves to do together.

For this shoot I wanted to tell the story of our Sabbaths. My original plan was to show us on a hike at lake Sonoma and eating burritos since we had done that in weeks past & it lead to some amazing memories. However, plan A turned out to be dangerous in the fires so plan B was find a place with amazing light that we both had memories at and still eat burritos. Eli and I were in this area of Petaluma a lot as he played shows across the street for years. So it tied in earlier years to newer years as a family for us while tieing in our Sabbath meals and time together.

All this being said, find a place that both speaks to your story as well as having great light.

As far as the outfits go plan it after the location is set. If we were hiking it would have been more hiking attire. However, since the rooftop is more of an urban setting and my branding lately is a bit more edgy I went with that look. I took clothes we already loved to wear and used them for this shoot. Sometimes the best things for a shoot are just what you love to wear and what tells the story of who you guys are best.

Some tips: Do not get too matchy matchy. (Aka not everyone in white shirts and jeans). Guys stay away from blue jeans, black is best or tan/brown if you have no black jeans. Honestly, its a preference thing but it looks a million times better on camera just trust me. Girls plan your outfit first and style your man or your full family around you. We can be the pickiest so finding out outfit first makes it easier. Pick two outfits usually one casual and one a little bit more dressed up. I did both pretty causal so you can always do that too. I am also here to help each client out by them sending me pictures of their wardrobe and me giving my two cents on what could go with what. Make use of us photographers, we are happy to help!

For me once I had my color palatte of wearing black for one outfit and tan for the other I did greens, blacks and tans for the rest of the family.

Bonus tip: Bring something you love to do for any session. If you are engaged and love pizza sit on your car and eat pizza. If you are a family and love reading a book together each week bring that book and a blanket to tell the story of that moment in time. If you just got proposed to and brought her love notes you saved over the course of the past year bring them and give them to her to read. I always think the more of the story to tell on camera the better. Oh and yes if there is any question in your mind always bring food. Food makes everything better, always.

Pictures by: Alyssa Luzaich Photography

Makeup and Hair by: Olivia Garvin

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