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Lake Tahoe Wedding | Matti and Chelsea


Chelsea and Matti was the first couple I ever got paid to shoot three and half years ago. They paid me in the form of a @williswinebar gift card and I was ecstatic. Ever since then she has had the pictures I took as her profile picture and printed on her walls. She literally is one of my biggest supporters and encourages me so much in my work. I know I gush about her often but you guys this girl literally scheduled her mom to be my pre op nurse and brought me flowers the morning I had surgery two years ago. She goes above and beyond in her friendships and in life. When she told me she always dreamed of me shooting her wedding I had to pinch myself. No, seriously it was a dream come true to tell this love story and be there since the beginning. Congrats Matti and Chelsea on your beautiful Lake Tahoe wedding!! Here is their proposal story as told by Chelsea:

“Matti and I️ were just shy of our four year anniversary when we decided to head to Tahoe for a few days. We have a tradition of going to the snow each year so I️ thought nothing of it. One morning we got up and headed out for a hike to Eagle Falls. The mountain was covered in snow and there were beautiful waterfalls along the trail. We had so much fun exploring and laughing and I️ was completely in the moment, not even suspecting that the one thing I have wanted since I️ met Matti was about to happen.

When we reached the lake we were looking for, it had completely frozen over so we carefully began making our way out onto the ice. I️ was ahead of Matti, completely speechless looking at my surroundings when I️ heard him say my name. I️ turned around and there was the love of my life, in the middle of a frozen lake, surrounded by snow-dusted trees, down on one knee asking ME to be his forever.

He held out the most beautiful diamond that once belonged to his great aunt in the 20’s (my absolute favorite time period) and had been passed down to his mom and dad when they were young and first married. He had the diamond placed into my dream setting and had somehow kept it a complete secret. After I️ stared at him in disbelief (and finally got out the words to accept) we made our way to a little island in the middle of the lake, where he pulled bottles of champagne out of his backpack so we could toast to our future of being husband and wife!!”- Chelsea

Makeup: Kiss and Makeup

Ceremony: Tahoe City, Tahoe

Reception: Jake on The Lake

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