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Must have’s to have in your to do list for photographers during CO-VID19


I am a enneagram 2 with a strong 3 wing. Which means I am constantly thinking and praying for ways to help others and also improve my business. I value every second of the day and want to use it to spread the good news of Jesus, be helpful to others, spend time with loved ones, or invest time back into my business. I got up at 4:30 am wide awake today praying and reflecting on what I could do to help my next door neighbors and followers on social media who are lost right now. Here is some must have’s to have in your to do list for photographers during CO-VID19.

First of all, you are not alone, ever. I believe in a God that is bigger than all of this and created you and me. Second of all, know that I am here for you, and if you need someone to talk to just to process this all please do not hesititate to reach out to me.

If you know me you know I am the Queen of to do lists. Okay maybe not the Queen but I love them a lot. I have a to do list on my computer for 3 months out and write usually a to do list once a day in addition to that. When COVID-19 all came about in our world a week ago I let it bring me down. I was fearful, anxious, stressed and processed it all in 3 days. It was terrifying to not know the future of my business since the majority of my work for the year is in May. After a couple days I woke up to realize this time is precious. I want to spend it being intentional. I am choosing each day to be with Jesus, my family and invest in my business. We have the choice now to make the most of this and use this time to get rest, be inspired again and do a lot of back end work that can help you get more weddings even in the middle of this.

Just have hope. If you think your weddings are shot for the year, know that this will hopefully blow over by Mid May and your year can still be amazing! Some weddings will reschedule and if you give them access to your calendar and show them why you are valuable to keep in the loop they will. Some may cancel and its heartbreaking but be there for your couple. Some may not be able to book their same photographer and will contact you. Our industry is an amazing one that has come together to help each other. There is always hope.

Your to do list for the next three weeks while shelter is in place:

1. Email all your couples March-June reassuring them you are there for them to answer any questions and brainstorm with them. Make sure to have a plan for them. I sent mine my blog post on ideas for them and called a couple of them to go over a new game plan for their wedding. Be sure to try and give them hope that after CDC’S 8 week hold on events until May 15 that things may go back to somewhat normal. Yes, we have no idea, but since no protocols are for after that date and we already see countries recovering from this right now I am choosing to give them all hope.

2. Set up calendly. Connect it to your google calendar and show them when you are available and when you are booked. This helps to show couples easily when you are free to shoot their newly rescheduled wedding. I also am encouraging my couples to look at weekday options if they are open to it.

3. Give them a week to let them process this and then help them.Help your couples re-plan their wedding especially if they do not have a planner. Give them new venue ideas if needed, new vendors if in a whole new location and new fun ideas to give them something to get excited about again.

4. Write out your content for the next couple months. April, May and June. While some things are in the air write down what is not and put up blogs you have been putting off now. Think of content that is helpful for your target market as your filler content as well. I will show you an example of mine right now. For the sake of space I am just showing you 5 from each month but I usually have 10 blog posts per month.


  1. To do list for photographers
  2. What to wear for engagement shoot
  3. Location Guide for couples and photographers
  4. Free Info: Video on blog post- Branding and content


  1. Stef and hubby shoot
  2. Mendocino engagement shoot (Megan and Mike)
  3. Angela and Eli engagement
  4. Recipe filler blog post
  5. Tori engagement shoot

5. Spend a day blogging. Work on updated all that you have procrastinated on.

6. Spend 15-30 min a day on Pinterest. Pinning others content, your own from your site, updating your boards to be on brand and making sure your website is claimed.

7. Take this time to take classes. So many are offering free courses or discounting their classes. Hustle and Flow I paid for years ago and I am still working on finishing it since new videos are up a lot. Invest back into your business. I am 5 and half years into my business and I take about 5 classes a year and usually 1-2 workshop or mentorship’s. The moment you think you are above learning you will stop growing. Classes I am taking:

Hustle and Flow Online, Katherine Marchard’s lighting course and Karrie Brady’s sales master

8. Ask people for reviews of their experience with you for google and for you knot shop. Then add it to a highlight reel called reviews on your instagram.

9. Update your website: Portfolio, booking page (make sure its engaging to start a conversation), about section and any other pages you may have. Make sure your SEO is updated too.

10. Work on your taxes if you have not already.

Bonus: Find a way to free create content and give back to others. Working on a video this next couple weeks that helps you come up with content for your blog and instagram if you struggle with that.

Hope you have a little hope and get excited about the future from this blog post on must have’s to have in your to do list for photographers during CO-VID19.

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