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My favorite dishes to make during shelter in place


I love baking and cooking. Something about your hands making something from scratch that gets me so excited. Most of all I love sharing yummy food with friends, neighbors and family. While dinner parties at our house will not be for a while to come I thought I would share my favorite dishes to make during shelter in place so you can make them for your family!

Coconut milk chicken: We love this recipe so much and make a double batch usually to last for 2-3 days of meals. Such a great time savor too. We make homemade flatbread and spread avocado for it as a side dish.

Pupusa: We love anything beans and cheese so these were an easy way to have a yummy dinner. We also added broccoli to the inside of them. (We do cotija cheese instead of mozzarella and make sure to make your beans yourself for a better flavor.

Prosciutto goat cheese stuffed with peaches We used half baked harvest’s recipe in her new book only and its zucchini instead- shameless plug to buy all of her books they are amazing!

Beat, Grapefruit and Whipped Goat cheese salad: Chef Mimo is amazing. I have made this once a week for a while and love it!

Lemon Garlic Chicken and Orzo soup: At the beginning of all this shelter in place it was still cold outside so we made soups a lot. This one is our favorite. Do you see a theme yet most of these are half baked harvest recipes.

Chocolate French Bread: I have made probably over 20 loaves of this in the past two months. Each time I love it and get better at it. Do not worry most of it I gift to others or else my cavities would be crazy after this. This bread is amazing and non dairy too if you use dark chocolate!

Cinnamon Rolls: A classic thing to know how to bake that I just learned how to this past month. I use her recipe in the book for simple salted brioche ones but this one is great too.

Sage Chicken Pot Pie– We switch off between this one and a non diary one just because it is easier to handle since I am lactose intollerant.

Double Chocolate Chip (no gluten, no diary low sugar cookies): These are my go to cookies for something sweet.

Super Green Herb Salad with sun dried tomato and crispy chickpeas: We are trying this recipe next week but I am sure we will love it. Right now we pick all that is in our garden throw an avocado and bell pepper on it and call it a day.

Lemon Vinaigrette Salad Dressing: This is amazing we put it on our salads and also use it to marinade our salmon. I highly recommend it on salad with avocado chopped up on top of it!

Butternut squash soup: While the recipe we use is a family one I will include one here that is similar. This is good to make in bulk then freeze and defrost on a day when you want to relax. This also goes great with homemade sourdough bread. I will include a link for that below.

Sourdough Bread: This is an easier version and still very yummy! We make this weekly for our family and friends. Such a treat and great with avocado smashed on top!

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