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San Fransisco | In home session | Kaeleigh & Carson


This session was one of those ones I came away not only being inspired as an artist but truly being inspired by their relationship and friendship with each other. Not to mention I might have called my hubby and said we need to double date with them someday. They are just one amazing couple and their love for Jesus was pretty rad too! Hope you love this San Fransisco in-home session!

Their love story:

I first saw Carson back in November 2017 when my friend posted a photo that she took on her Instagram. The story goes: I thought he was cute (he was a musician and had the prettiest eyes), I followed, slid into his DM’s a few times, and soon after he asked me for my phone number. I thought he was so funny and very talkative but he also lived in Nashville while I was in California.

We eventually would call each other on the phone and FaceTime a few times, and that showed some interest in each other. We told one another that if we met someone in our own cities then to go on and pursue that since we were roughly 4,000 miles away from each other. Wasn’t till December where I met someone in San Francisco and had to tell Carson about it. I wanted to respect him and tell him as much as it made me sad to stop talking to him. But he was nothing but sweet and wished me the best of luck.

A couple months go by and I end up ending things with the guy I met. A few weeks later, Carson’s band came out with a music video and I sent him a video of it saying that it looked so good! And we kind of got to talking again after that. We built up our friendship again, caught up from the last few months, and that’s when the flirting really began.

We finally came to the decision that we should meet each other and I remembered that I had some free flight points so that made the decision even easier to go! So in May, I flew from California to Nashville. We had our first date and it was like we have already been hanging out for months! He was just as handsome, funny, smart, and cool as I envisioned.

It’s so easy with him. I don’t have to think about anything or second guess. I didn’t know what I was really signing up for when I chose him. He’s a musician and gone on tour most months out of the year. He makes it as easy as it can be, dating a musician. He’s so trustworthy and good at communication. Always making me feel loved with anywhere he goes. What I’ve realized in loving him best in return is to support him and root him on, and being patient. I love seeing him do what he loves and I want that to always come first.

God has really shown redemption through him. Carson has shown me what integrity, grace, and love really looks like. I’m thankful every single day for him and laughs we share. Here’s to the months days, months, and years ahead of us. – K

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