My best advice for the best outfits to wear for your engagement session is to keep it simple. Stick to two outfits that are more neutral so that you guys are the focus of the shoot and so that it blends in with any location. In this blog post I will lay out what to […]

As photographers we often hear the phase, I think I will just have a friend shoot my wedding, they have a nice camera. While I totally get budgeting and saving money I promise you this is one area you will not want to skimp on. Why? Because you will regret it. I can tell you […]

As a wedding photographer I think the number one thing I hear from brides is that the planning part is a bit overwhelming. I totally get that as it was for my wedding as well. That is why I wanted to reach out to one amazing wedding planner, Elise Brannan to ask her top 3 […]

The question I get most from brides is how do I plan out the timeline of my wedding day? First and foremost, if you have a wedding planner they will be the best person to talk to about this. However, if you do not have a wedding planner your photographer should be able to help […]

I am obsessed with timelines, lists, planners and anything that keeps me organized. (I even color code my lists and plan out each hour of the day). So today I am giving you my wedding planning timeline to help you out with what you should book and when you should do it, but first a […]

For this years anniversary post I want to be super real with you all and share with you everything I have struggled with over the past four years and why I almost quit. Being this real is legit scary for me since it means really putting my weaknesses out there for you all to see. […]

I hear brides asking all the time why should I do the first look, why should we take sunset pictures and what vendors are really important? Instead of me giving you my two cents on the matter, I thought I would ask my past bride’s advice to future brides. So sit back grab a piece of […]

What to know before you hire a florist for your wedding day was inspired by working with some amazing florists in the past year. One of them being the amazing mackfloraldesign who helped me write this blog post. I realized that having the right florals that reflect you guys as a couple really does make […]

For those of you who do not know my dad is one amazing accountant (among other things). I collaborated with him on this blog post on accounting tips for photographers. We will be doing many more quick tip blog posts in the future so if there is something you would love to know more about […]

The thing that overwhelmed me the most about starting a blog was trying to figure out SEO. I read book after book and studied what I could about it, but I still became overwhelmed by it all. The best thing I did for my business was hiring Ryan Moreno to develop my website and update […]



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