This Saguaro National Park session was pure magic! Seriously Micah and Kenneth are so in love they made our job super easy. Jacy and I had so much fun throughout this whole shoot. They were making us laugh, sing and dance throughout the whole session. Plus we have a lot of fun jokes just from […]

This session is close to my heart because Tara and Jacob was the first couple I ever shot four years ago. They trusted me back when I was a beginner with couples photography and I love them for that. Now four years later I was able to have them in front of my camera again […]

Hands down Casey & Alex’s Joshua Tree session will probably be one of the best sessions I have ever shot in my life. I attended the Joshua Tree workshop by Phil and Sara and it blew me away not only to be taught by them but to have some amazing couples to photograph. The second […]

These two gave me all the feels as we listened to music at the beach, danced and skipped rocks into the water. So loving Johnson’s beach lately! “Kirk and I met at college group right after when we were 18 and 19. On one of our college group outings , part of the group was […]

This Rodeo beach session tugged on all my heart strings. These two were unable to have a full on wedding of their dreams due to the raging CA fires last year. So one year later here we took her dress out finally for some one year anniversary bridal pictures. Her sweet friend and parents gave […]

In-home sessions are my jam. So combining that with an amazing couple, some cinnamon rolls & some kitties well it just made for the perfect morning! “Luke and I met at a college party back in 2008. We were quite the pair. He was a quiet yet extremely sociable nineteen-year-old who had one too many […]

This session was one of those ones I came away not only being inspired as an artist but truly being inspired by their relationship and friendship with each other. Not to mention I might have called my hubby and said we need to double date with them someday. They are just one amazing couple and their […]

This bay area in home session was just so dreamy! It was the perfect way to start off my fall season of in home sessions! Plus these two are just too cute, have the perfect house and Narni to each other. What more could a girl want? Their love story as told by Alexis: “We met […]

I may have gotten lost trying to find this spot in the park but Grace & Paul were amazing and did not care at all that we passed it multiple times before realizing we were already there. I knew this couple was amazing then I met there friends and all of them together were just […]

Pretty sure when I got to this location I was in awe but also in fear because I had no idea how to climb these sand dunes and hike to it. Thankfully Zoe and Chance drove me to a parking lot right near the base of the dunes so we could easily hike it. Little did […]

It was such an honor to take pictures of this couple! For one, they are the sweetest couple ever and for two, they are such models am I right? This couple adventured with me in Moab National Park at sunrise in freezing cold Utah weather so they are pretty much all around the best. Moab […]

This couple is probably one of the coolest couples I have ever met. From the moment I met them in the parking lot of this park we hit it off and I immediately wished we lived closer so that we could double date all the time. Now enough about how cute this couple is and how […]



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