So the story of how I met Sadie was a God moment for sure. I happened to shoot her friend Madison’s pictures and before I even shot her pictures she recommended me to Sadie. Within minutes I got a DM from her and within hours we were Facetiming about her wedding and bonding over Jesus […]

This amazing Boulder, Colorado session was so dreamy. We were literally in the meadows frolicking in the wildflowers with the mountains as our backdrop. I mean could life get any better? I’ll answer it for you not it cannot! Literally I was stunned at how beautiful this park was and how many wildflowers were all […]

Chelsea and Matti was the first couple I ever got paid to shoot three and half years ago. They paid me in the form of a @williswinebar gift card and I was ecstatic. Ever since then she has had the pictures I took as her profile picture and printed on her walls. She literally is […]

This session was one of those ones I came away not only being inspired as an artist but truly being inspired by their relationship and friendship with each other. Not to mention I might have called my hubby and said we need to double date with them someday. They are just one amazing couple and their […]

Hands down Casey & Alex’s Joshua Tree session will probably be one of the best sessions I have ever shot in my life. I attended the Joshua Tree workshop by Phil and Sara and it blew me away not only to be taught by them but to have some amazing couples to photograph. The second […]

This Indian Wells wedding was my last wedding of 2019. What a beautiful couple, location and wedding to end out my 2019 with! Samantha & Craig could not stop smiling all day and it was contagious. They could not wait to get to the party all day and man was it one amazing party! They […]

Every year I make it my goal to help couples feel less stressed and have more fun in the wedding planning process. Every year I ask a couple brides to give their advice and honestly it is always amazing. Each year I am blown away by the advice they give and how helpful it is […]

Seriously, so glad I met these two not only do they love Jesus but they also are one amazing videography team. I CANNOT wait to work with them hopefully someday soon. They danced for me in the desert, shot on their super 8 video camera and literally made magic for me. Every shot was gold […]

This wedding was beyond amazing. Set in the middle of the desert is this amazing oasis called the Old Polo Estate in Coachella , California. This Coachella wedding had it all: amazing florals, music, pizza and one amazing team! Let me tell you this wedding party knew how to dance and have a good time. […]

I met these two 8 months ago and I think we started talking a year ago. Within a couple minutes of talking she already referred me to her bestie and I shot her besties wedding a couple months ago. (P.S. One of my favorite weddings ever at a dream venue in Joshua Tree Rim Rock […]

Getting up early and driving an hour to this location was well worth it for this fun sunrise session with the amazing LA couple. (P.S. You got to check out their website. They have tips on where to go in LA, what to eat and much more! They also just posted their wedding blog and […]

Maricela and I have mutual cousins. So basically they are family to us. Shooting a wedding where family is present is always so special to me. I truly felt honored to shoot this wedding. When she first told me she was getting married I was so excited. Then she said she was eloping and I […]

This was a dream San Fransisco Rooftop Engagement session. 1. View of Golden Gate 2. No tourists, we had the spot all to ourselves 3. These two are so in love and seriously are models. So basically my job was so easy and these two had me laughing and saying oh my gosh, yes thats […]

One of the questions I get asked a lot by fellow photographers is how do I get galleries back so fast and keep on top of my work. So here it is, I am laying out how I do it all in 5 steps to a quicker photography workflow. Before I start I would like […]

A year ago I was shooting Kristen’s sister’s wedding and now the day is here to shoot Kristen & Gregg’s. Where does the time go? (If anyone knows how to slow down time please give me a call I do not want to see my little babes grow up). Love both these girls! Kristen & […]



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