So the story of how I met Sadie was a God moment for sure. I happened to shoot her friend Madison’s pictures and before I even shot her pictures she recommended me to Sadie. Within minutes I got a DM from her and within hours we were Facetiming about her wedding and bonding over Jesus […]

This amazing Boulder, Colorado session was so dreamy. We were literally in the meadows frolicking in the wildflowers with the mountains as our backdrop. I mean could life get any better? I’ll answer it for you not it cannot! Literally I was stunned at how beautiful this park was and how many wildflowers were all […]

Chelsea and Matti was the first couple I ever got paid to shoot three and half years ago. They paid me in the form of a @williswinebar gift card and I was ecstatic. Ever since then she has had the pictures I took as her profile picture and printed on her walls. She literally is […]

This session was one of those ones I came away not only being inspired as an artist but truly being inspired by their relationship and friendship with each other. Not to mention I might have called my hubby and said we need to double date with them someday. They are just one amazing couple and their […]

Hands down Casey & Alex’s Joshua Tree session will probably be one of the best sessions I have ever shot in my life. I attended the Joshua Tree workshop by Phil and Sara and it blew me away not only to be taught by them but to have some amazing couples to photograph. The second […]

One of the questions I get asked a lot by fellow photographers is how do I get galleries back so fast and keep on top of my work. So here it is, I am laying out how I do it all in 5 steps to a quicker workflow. Before I start I would like everyone […]

When we were prepping for our trip to Israel and found out we would be bringing a baby I searched everywhere for advice on international travels with babies. I could not find advice anywhere. This is probably because it is not the best idea for exposing germs early on and man it is not easy. […]

A year ago I was shooting Kristen’s sister’s wedding and now the day is here to shoot Kristen & Gregg’s. Where does the time go? Love both these girls. Kristen & Gregg’s Santa Cruz wedding day had the perfect weather at the beach and the fog stayed away all day so we could have one […]

Walking where Jesus walked, taught, healed died and rose again was indescribable. I thought I knew Jesus before this trip but then my eyes opened up in Israel seeing everything come to life. I wish I could describe everything from this trip. I felt at peace and filled with so much joy from the Lord. […]

First of all, Kylie has been one of the sweetest brides ever. She wrote me before she was engaged saying she wanted me no matter what. She sent me dates to choose from and seriously has not stopped encouraging me on the daily. This girl has gone through a lot in life. We bonded over […]

I met Toni & Andrew through our mutual friend Lindsay. The second we jumped on face time and started talking it felt like we had been old friends. Maybe thats what happens when you share a mutual friend or maybe its because these two just have a way of making you feel like old friends […]

You know when you meet someone and they feel like you have been friends for years? Well that was these two. We bonded over our love for food and traveling as well as later the type of music. They had Ben Rector’s I like you as their first dance song. Thats the band that opened […]

My babes and I in Joshua Tree. I am often on the road shooting weddings around the U.S. What you do not see behind the camera is my amazing mama. My mama helps me drive, encourages me and reminds me to keep hydrated on the road. My mama took these amazing pictures for us as […]

Six years ago I fell in love with Olympia Valley Estate and five years ago Eli & I got married here as well as had our engagement pictures taken here. Can you tell I love it? It always feels so good to come back here and relive the memories from one of the best days […]



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