This Saguaro National Park session was pure magic! Seriously Micah and Kenneth are so in love they made our job super easy. Jacy and I had so much fun throughout this whole shoot. They were making us laugh, sing and dance throughout the whole session. Plus we have a lot of fun jokes just from […]

This session is close to my heart because Tara and Jacob was the first couple I ever shot four years ago. They trusted me back when I was a beginner with couples photography and I love them for that. Now four years later I was able to have them in front of my camera again […]

Hands down Casey & Alex’s Joshua Tree session will probably be one of the best sessions I have ever shot in my life. I attended the Joshua Tree workshop by Phil and Sara and it blew me away not only to be taught by them but to have some amazing couples to photograph. The second […]

This Joshua Tree snow session was truly one of a kind. This amazing couple endured the cold and rocked this session! “What’s your favorite dessert? On a count to 3 say at the same time! 1..2..3.. JELLO WITH WHIPPED CREAM.!” Basically we fell in love from that moment on. In line, for a ride at […]

This Joshua Tree photoshoot was seriously perfect. These two are so in love with each other and could not stop smiling the whole night. Made my job easy and so much fun! Here is how their love story started. “We met when we were in college at Vanguard University. I was finishing off my freshman […]

“Andrew & I met in math class at the beginning of college where we studied for finals together but never actually dated. We still debate who got the better grade in that class. Several years after college, I walked into a barbecue on New Years Day and saw him. I lived in San Francisco at […]

” Jenna and I were always destined to have an adventurous future. While anticipating a point when our relationship would move to the “engaged” status we were faced with the shock of the fires here in Sonoma County. While facing aftermath of the fires and how it directly impacted our family, we clung to one […]

First off, can we just talk about how Breana has the biggest heart. She is always encouraging to me and so generous. Her and Liam also made some bomb scones that she let me eat during the whole session (I ate three and could have had a ton more!). These two just got married and […]

You are engaged and starting the process of finding the dress that makes you cry, smile and see yourself as a bride all in one. Thats not an easy task but I am here to help you find the perfect wedding dress by showing you the 7 best wedding dress stores in the United States. […]

Maya & Austin’s Oakland in home session was full of music, drinks and lots of homemade pesto pasta. We talked all things food & travel and I left stoked to buy their cookbook someday in the future! To follow more of their food adventures go give this account a follow: @goldcurrymeals “We met in college […]

My best advice for the best outfits to wear for your engagement session is to keep it simple. Stick to two outfits that are more neutral so that you guys are the focus of the shoot and so that it blends in with any location. In this blog post I will lay out what to […]

As photographers we often hear the phase, I think I will just have a friend shoot my wedding, they have a nice camera. While I totally get budgeting and saving money I promise you this is one area you will not want to skimp on. Why? Because you will regret it. I can tell you […]

As a wedding photographer I think the number one thing I hear from brides is that the planning part is a bit overwhelming. I totally get that as it was for my wedding as well. That is why I wanted to reach out to one amazing wedding planner, Elise Brannan to ask her top 3 […]



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