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I am a enneagram 2 with a strong 3 wing. Which means I am constantly thinking and praying for ways to help others and also improve my business. I value every second of the day and want to use it to spread the good news of Jesus, be helpful to others, spend time with loved […]

First of all, this sucks. You started planning a wedding a year ago and you finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel, now this comes your way. My heart truly goes out to all of you who are experiencing trying to figure out where to go from here. With that being said […]

Lately my favorite place and where I feel at most at peace is in the mountains and forest. Every couple years it shifts for me and thats what it has been for 2020 so far. (For those wondering 2016 was the ocean, 2017- 2019 was the desert). So when Melissa and Chris wanted to do […]

I am keeping this simple so you can just see lots of pictures of pretty cakes by Chef Mimo. This year floral cakes, painted cakes and simple naked cakes are trending. If you need one amazing wedding cake that does not just look amazing but tastes amazing too message Mimo here. Hope you love this […]

If you know me you know I love supporting local businesses. If you are going to spend money on food might as well be amazing and local. I wanted to publish this blog post to show my couples and guests where I love to eat when they come to wine country for a destination session […]

I honestly did not want to take a ton of pictures this Oahu trip but instead just spend as much time sleeping, eating and enjoying family time. I feel like I did this and I need to do this more often on trips. Truly I shut off my phone a lot of the times and […]

I honestly always thought of Oahu as the touristy island full of big buildings and cluttered with people on every beach. I have been to Maui and Kuaui and thought nothing could compare to those islands but oh how I was wrong. East & North shore resembled Kuaui’s mountain ranges and beaches so much. Plus, […]

When I planned my wedding I was a stress ball case. I wanted everything to be perfect and wanted to please everyone. I had no idea what I was doing and looking back now would do so many things differently now that I have been in the wedding industry. Here are a couple of my […]

Liana won my giveaway couples session last month. From the moment I first wrote her, it was like we had known each other for years. We talked about food we loved and of course how much we loved Mendocino county. Ryan and Liana own an amazing property in Elk so of course had to do […]

Another year another valentines day. I feel like we all have a love hate relationship with this holiday. Who doesn’t love an excuse to indulge on chocolates, cards, flowers, and jewelry. But again why is everything so expensive around this holiday? A dozen roses at the grocery store cost almost as much as the downpayment […]



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