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This is the year of elopements and honestly its been so refreshing for me to just document couples in love getting married against all odds in beautiful places. This couple is the sweetest. Always smiling and putting others first despite all that has gone on this year. While their original Joshua Tree plan and date […]

Back at my favorite place once again, Mendocino Grove. It was 74 degrees, and still sunny at sunset. This is very rare for Mendocino and I was beyond grateful. Loved having these two in front of my camera again. It’s been about a year since the last time and man have they gotten even sweeter […]

After years of being instagram friends we finally got to see each other in person again! These two have such beautiful hearts for Jesus, the kingdom, the children of the world and of course each other. An honor to meet them and hope we can do a double date in the future! Here is their […]

Finally got to meet my best friends, best friend. I have heard about how amazing Janet is for years from Alyssa. I felt like we were already friends before we even met so it made this day that much more special for me to document. Janet and David had to re plan their wedding so […]

You know when you hear a story and your heart cannot stop thinking about it. That was this couples story. They have gone through a lot and persevered despite it all. They wanted a magical Joshua Tree wedding and did not how it would exactly work so I helped them plan one amazing day with […]

So the story of how I met Sadie was a God moment for sure. I happened to shoot her friend Madison’s pictures and before I even shot her pictures she recommended me to Sadie. Within minutes I got a DM from her and within hours we were Facetiming about her wedding and bonding over Jesus […]

This amazing Boulder, Colorado session was so dreamy. We were literally in the meadows frolicking in the wildflowers with the mountains as our backdrop. I mean could life get any better? I’ll answer it for you not it cannot! Literally I was stunned at how beautiful this park was and how many wildflowers were all […]

Hands down Casey & Alex’s Joshua Tree session will probably be one of the best sessions I have ever shot in my life. I attended the Joshua Tree workshop by Phil and Sara and it blew me away not only to be taught by them but to have some amazing couples to photograph. The second […]

This year has been one interesting year for us all. Usual years I work 10 months out of the year, however, this year I only worked for 6 months. I sure got in so much in those months from Joshua Tree elopements to Los Angeles elopements to Mendocino weddings. My heart has never been more […]

Years ago Eli and I went on my dream trip to Iceland. I shot in some amazing places that had my jaw literally dropping. During this shelter in place order I have decided to re-edit these to give myself a little hope for travel again in the future. Hope you all are inspired to travel […]

Eli and I have been best friends with these two for about 9 years now. So crazy to even think about really but so thankful for them in our lives. This is the first time I am doing a real photoshoot for them and I just feel so darn honored to do so. I am […]

For most planning out the location and outfits for their session is stressful. Most people have no idea what location has the best light and even what looks good on camera. That is where I step in to help you out. Think of it like telling the story and each piece of the puzzle helps […]

7 years ago Cash’s family, Swine Country BBQ, catered my wedding. It was amazing and ever since then I have loved seeing their family at weddings I have shot. So excited to be shooting their son, Cash, wedding this next year at Mountain House Estate. Whitney and Cash your humor with each other and playfulness […]

So Lindsay, who is my best friend, called me months ago talking about how her sister wanted a couples shoot and that it would be perfect to do it when they are in town from Texas around Thanksgiving. I was like heck yes I am down and could not think of a better place then […]

First off, these two have my dream dog, a golden doodle. Seriously made me have puppy fever all over again. Second of all, these two are the sweetest and adventured all over the parking garage and alleyways for me. Thank you for trusting my vision and letting me pet your adorable dog. You guys are […]

I had seen this trend in the photography world for the past year and like all trends I do not jump on it but rather mull on it and see if its really me. After a year of thinking about doing a sheet session I decided, why not do it, because its 2020 and it […]

Pretty sure everyone should do bridal sessions on their honeymoon, especially if it is in Mendocino. Spent the afternoon with these two and it was just so much fun exploring all parts of Mendocino with them. Pretty sure we are lifelong friends now. I think I almost cried over the cookbook they gave me, hand […]

My giveaway winner literally planned the most perfect elopement ever. The original plan was Yosemite but of course its 2020 so I sent her options and she chose Joshua Tree. She found one amazing airbnb, booked a permit to get married in the park and we literally chased the sunset together while eating Mediterranean food […]



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