I am apart of so many facebook photographer groups. One of the most asked questions in those groups would be what do you even wear to a wedding as a photographer? I mean we have to look professional, be able to squat for shots and look like we fit in at a wedding. It took […]

One of the hardest aspects of photography for me was learning how to direct couples in a fun yet natural looking way. Since I had a hard time with learning couples poses for photography sessions I thought I would share what helped me find inspiration today. I am a business minded person, so originally I […]

The number one question I get from other photographers would be about social media tips. It is a question I love to answer because I love anything relating to marketing. In this post, I am going to give a couple of social media tips that I have used over the years to increase engagement and gain […]

Society tells us to be ashamed of our scars but I say let the world see them so that they can see part of our story. Our scars do not define us rather they help show us what we have overcome and what we are capable of. I was inspired to do this project because a […]

This past couple of years I have seen the word hustle everywhere. Some days I love the idea of hustling and other days it seems like that’s all I do & I am so dang tired of it. I seriously have so many days where I wake up and already have a list in my […]

I am passionate about helping others start their own businesses which is what drove me to write this blog post. As someone who studied business in college, I am so excited to see when other entrepreneurs choose to start their own business and find ways to make it flourish. If you are starting your own […]

I cannot believe it has been three years since I have started this business! It has been a beautiful journey and I am so excited to be sharing with you all today the best ten things I did for my business in the last three years! A little about my journey before we start the list. […]

As you probably know by now I am very passionate about two things in my life setting goals and getting organized. (I am also passionate about business and marketing but I will save those topics for another day). Since I was a kid I have always loved to write to-do lists for each day, goals […]

As many of you know my husband and I live in Coffey Park. We rent out my parents home (my childhood home). Our house came right up to the fire line and had substantial smoke damage and had to replace insulation, roof, flooring, fences, and re-paint before we could move back in. Therefore, the last three […]

This adventure in Rome was quite amazing but if I am being honest had its ups and downs. As soon as we got there one of our friends we were traveling with got pick-pocketed. I quickly learned how different this city was then the one I grew up seeing in the movies. (Yes I watched […]