I cannot believe it has been three years since I have started this business! It has been a beautiful journey and I am so excited to be sharing with you all today the best ten things I did for my business in the last three years! A little about my journey before we start the list. […]

As you probably know by now I am very passionate about two things in my life setting goals and getting organized. (I am also passionate about business and marketing but I will save those topics for another day). Since I was a kid I have always loved to write to-do lists for each day, goals […]

As many of you know my husband and I live in Coffey Park. We rent out my parents home (my childhood home). Our house came right up to the fire line and had substantial smoke damage and had to replace insulation, roof, flooring, fences, and re-paint before we could move back in. Therefore, the last three […]

This adventure in Rome was quite amazing but if I am being honest had its ups and downs. As soon as we got there one of our friends we were traveling with got pick-pocketed. I quickly learned how different this city was then the one I grew up seeing in the movies. (Yes I watched […]

This was my third time to South Africa for the Camping 4 Africa missions trip. Every year it blows me away how this country and the kids steal my heart. However, this year was extra special because my hubby came with me. He was able to see my heart for these kids and this ministry […]

Eli and I traveled to New York City two years ago on our two-year anniversary trip. I am now blogging this finally two years later… Better late then never right? Can I let you know a secret? The reason why we started traveling so much is not one most would share. You see I was […]

This Iceland trip was at the top of my bucket list for years! Eli and I drove about 3 hours a day to each new location and hiked a couple miles a day. It was the most adventurous trip we have ever taken and it was by far the best trip we have ever been on. We […]

This is my first ever top 25 pictures of the year post and I am so excited to share them with you. This year has been amazing to say the least. I have traveled to Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Tahoe, Half Moon Bay, Huntington Beach, Moab, Nashville and New York. This year I have explored new […]