I have always dreamed of going across¬†a couple of different states and stopping off at some amazing national parks so the fact that my dream became a reality was incredible in that of itself. Add on to that the fact that I got to shoot some amazing couples in these places just makes the trip […]

This photographer’s dinner was an idea that Elise Aileen Photography and I had over a year ago. Our goal was to unite photographers from all around Sonoma County and the Bay Area so that we could encourage & support one another. We wanted a night of amazing food, laughter and community. We put on our […]

What to know before you hire a florist for your wedding day was inspired by working with some amazing florists in the past year. One of them being the amazing mackfloraldesign who helped me write this blog post. I realized that having the right florals that reflect you guys as a couple really does make […]

Every year my husband and I go on a couple of mini trips to see new places, eat amazing food and sleep a lot. This year our trips have been more based on photo shoots so for this trip to Colorado, I made sure to not overbook myself and to allow for a couple of […]

Society tells us to be ashamed of our scars but I say let the world see them so that they can see part of our story. Our scars do not define us rather they help show us what we have overcome and what we are capable of. I hope you love the second installment of […]

Elise and I have been talking about putting on a summer dinner party for photographers for probably at least 4 months if not more. We both are firm believers in sticking together as creatives and encouraging one another to grow. We have heard over and over again that this industry is lonely and sometimes cutthroat […]

Yosemite is one of those places that I immediately¬†feel at peace when I go there. I feel closer to God here and I find my inspiration listening to birds while hiking through the forest of Yosemite. One word that sums up this park is majestic. Seriously, it blows me away every time I come here. […]

The thing that overwhelmed me the most about starting a blog was trying to figure out SEO. I read book after book and studied what I could about it, but I still became overwhelmed by it all. The best thing I did for my business was hiring Ryan Moreno to develop my website and update […]

One of the hardest aspects of photography for me was learning how to direct couples in a fun yet natural looking way. Since I had a hard time with learning couples poses for photography sessions I thought I would share what helped me find inspiration today. I am a business minded person, so originally I […]

Our trip to the Seattle, Washington area was short and sweet. We spent three days in the area visiting friends and exploring the area. I also had some fun photoshoots in the city which I will be blogging next week so stay tuned! We flew into Portland and immediately went to eat at Tasty n […]