This post is near and dear to my heart. It all started when a bride wrote online that she wished a photographer would take pictures of venues so that she could see her choices all in one place. That sparked an idea that I could reach out to my favorite venues all across California and […]

The number one question I get from other photographers would be about social media tips. It is a question I love to answer because I love anything relating to marketing. In this post, I am going to give a couple of social media tips that I have used over the years to increase engagementĀ and gain […]

Society tells us to be ashamed of our scars but I say let the world see them so that they can see part of our story. Our scarsĀ do not define us rather they help show us what we have overcome and what we are capable of. I was inspired to do this project because a […]

This past couple of years I have seen the word hustle everywhere. Some days I love the idea of hustling and other days it seems like that’s all I do & I am so dang tired of it. I seriously have so many days where I wake up and already have a list in my […]

I am passionate about helping others start their own businesses which is what drove me to write this blog post. As someone who studied business in college, I am so excited to see when other entrepreneurs choose to start their own business and find ways to make it flourish. If you are starting your own […]

From the second I met Jennifer and Jacob I could tell they are just head over heels in love. They are so comfortable with each other and constantly making each other laugh. During this shoot, they made pancakes, danced to music and attempted to get their adorable cats to be in the photoshoot as well. […]

I am so excited for you all to see how Hannah & Brady’s Marin headlands engagement session turned out! For those of you who do not know this girl has been my friend for over 5 years. She is one beautiful, loving and kind soul. She was in my wedding and was the first person […]

Emma & Andrew’s Joshua Tree session was dreamy, to say the least. These two radiated with joy as they danced and laughed the night away. The sunset was just magical. I mean look at those sun rays lighting up their face it’s amazing, right? One of the reasons I love Joshua Tree so much is […]

My Joshua Tree & Palm Springs trip was quite amazing. I attended Alpine northwest destination workshop in Joshua Tree last week. I build community, ate some amazing food and learned how to grow my business, even more, this year. I think I fell in love with Joshua Tree once again on this trip. I go […]

This Valentine’s day styled shoot was so much fun! My amazing friend Mimo is a pastry chef and made all of these goodies from scratch the morning of the session. She is one talented chef and will be coming out soon with an amazing blog. I am so very proud of her! In honor of […]