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Janet & David | Los Angeles Wedding


Finally got to meet my best friends, best friend. I have heard about how amazing Janet is for years from Alyssa. I felt like we were already friends before we even met so it made this day that much more special for me to document. Janet and David had to re plan their wedding so many times due to corona. This was their second wedding, you would never know though because the emotions were still so raw and beautiful. They got married at the beautiful Fig House and then went to Saladang restaurant for their reception. They feed each other coconut shrimp and we danced in front of some pink walls in L.A. It was a beautiful night. Their love for each other showed as David kept giving Janet sips of water all night and telling her how beautiful she looked. I was honored to be there and still am so grateful for this day.

Vendors: The fig house– venue, Dress- Miyuki Liem Bridal, Makeup artist: Deborah Hair dresser: Laura, Florist: Mitsuko Floral

Their love story:

David and Janet had only heard of each other before officially meeting for the first time last summer in June 2019. Janet was helping organize a conference in Kona, Hawaii, while David came as an attendee to that conference. Though David lived in Turkey and Janet in Hawaii, it was only a matter of time before they would finally meet.

The week of the conference, David made sure he was around Janet, whether it meant helping to clean up after lunch or eat that third bowl of cup noodles. By the end of the week, Janet started picking up on David’s “casual” advances. Both of them were interested but not yet convinced. After all, a few days after the conference, Janet would continue living her life in Kona, while David would go back to his home in Turkey. Curious enough, Janet slid into David’s dm’s (as they say) and invited him over along with other friends for a game night at her house. She threw David a big, very big, bone. The two ended up hanging out the entire weekend following the conference with other good friends. After rounds of playing codenames, fun at the beach, and a spontaneous trip to Mauna Kea, David mustered up the courage to ask Janet out to dinner. So on David’s last night in Kona, he took her out to a romantic dinner by the water and the two chatted away through the night. As David drove Janet back home, he spilled his guts and told Janet how he felt! What a swirl of emotions as the next morning David would fly thousands of miles away from Janet. Good news is, it didn’t end there!

Weeks later, they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Months later, Janet visited David in Turkey. And some more months later, they reunited in Taiwan and were engaged. They were apart for another month when covid-19 was declared a global pandemic. Within a matter of days, David wrapped up his life in Turkey and flew halfway across the world to be with Janet in Hawaii before borders closed. And though the past few months have been anything but easy, they realize they are better together. From doing long distance for 6 months to being virtually quarantined together to starting a fried chicken business to planning a wedding in the midst of a global pandemic, they are grateful to have each other and excited to do the rest of their lives together.

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