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Kjell & Eleanor adventured with us to the redwoods, tennis courts, a YMCA and a local in-n-out. These two spent the past 8 months on the road seeing new places and trying new things (like salsa dancing!). I lived through them for a little bit last night as I heard some memorable stories from places […]

This bridal session was for my branding video shoot coming later this year. I shot Jennea & Andreas wedding 3 years ago so it was so fun to have them model as newlyweds once again on camera. We climbed rocks, braved the cold winds and ate some chicken & waffles. I cannot thank you all […]

We met through mutual friends on Instagram. Seriously these two were down to drive to the desert mid-week and make some magic in some intense wind/cold conditions. They brought Ho-Ho’s to eat and Logan even was a champ through not only sitting once on a cactus, but twice on accident. Joshua Tree never fails me […]

I met Sandra through my close friend Chelsea, a couple years back. I was searching for a couple to do a shoot on a rooftop in San Fransisco and they said yes! Since then Sandra and I have become friends. They modeled for me again last year in Mendocino and it was by far one […]

This shoot was a combination of a lot of ideas in one. It was months worth of inspiration come to life. Anni Graham photography inspired me to shoot with sleeping bags and see even the simplest of things and make it come to life. From the daisies photography inspired me to constantly think outside of […]

Pretty sure so many of my goals this year were accomplished with this shoot. 1. Shoot for an amazing place I love to eat at: Acre Pizza– check. 2. Be creative and think outside the box- check 3. Shoot more food. If I could shoot couples with food all the time I would. Also, pretty […]

When looking for spots to do photoshoots I usually I look for natural light or an indoor spot with no mixed indoor light (yellow/orange light as well as window light coming in). So, for this portion of the shoot I shot purposefully shot in mixed light. In order to get my editing to look consistent, […]

Coming out of 2020 I knew I wanted to create things off my bucket list. I usually base my dream creative shoots around locations I want to go to, but this year I wanted to base it off concepts I have always wanted to shoot. For example, retro shoots, motorcycle shoots, tennis court shoots and […]

Tiffany and Josh thank you for being down for some fun ideas for this shoot. We did some valentines day shots and all about Adidas shots. I had so much fun creating with you guys at creative space studios co. Thank you for eating lollipops for me, standing on a TV and helping me move […]

I have dreamed of doing a retro shoot with a old TV for years. Thankfully Sam heard my vision and was down to help make it come alive. Also, creative space studios co. inspired me as well to come up with fun backdrops and props for this shoot! This session fueled my soul and gave […]



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