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I recently did a lifestyle session for Grace. I love how she is always talking about the best vegan products out there so I just decided to collaboration with her and have her write this blog post for me. If you know me you know I am not vegan but I have a lot of […]

This year has been one crazy wild beautiful ride. Starting from his birth- we flew out of state on a couple hours notice of his birth. Then we road all the way up the I5 with a 3 day year old baby back home. During his first year of life we experienced power outages, evacuations […]

I am a foodie and a home chef in training so I partnered with one amazing chef & friend, Mimo, to create how to cook a 3 course restaurant worthy meal at home. Here is her story and her recipes. “Growing up in a small village in Ethiopia, I was always around fresh farm produce. […]

Another year another valentines day. I feel like we all have a love hate relationship with this holiday. Who doesn’t love an excuse to indulge on chocolates, cards, flowers, and jewelry. But again why is everything so expensive around this holiday? A dozen roses at the grocery store cost almost as much as the downpayment […]

This time of the year, only a few things are as satisfying as a bowl of rich, hearty dishes. This tikka masala recipe from Half Baked Harvest gets the job done. It is so simple yet delicious. Packed with flavor and warmth. Got leftovers? Leftovers To Do Overs has got plans. Use your leftovers to […]

Walking where Jesus walked, taught, healed died and rose again was indescribable. I thought I knew Jesus before this trip but then my eyes opened up in Israel seeing everything come to life. I wish I could describe everything from this trip. I felt at peace and filled with so much joy from the Lord. […]

My babes and I in Joshua Tree. I am often on the road shooting weddings around the U.S. What you do not see behind the camera is my amazing mama. My mama helps me drive, encourages me and reminds me to keep hydrated on the road. My mama took these amazing pictures for us as […]

If you know me you know I love supporting local businesses. If you are going to spend money on food might as well be amazing and local. I wanted to publish this blog post to show my couples and guests where I love to eat when they come to wine country for a destination session […]

When we were prepping for our trip to Israel and found out we would be bringing a baby I searched everywhere for advice on international travels with babies. I could not find advice anywhere. This is probably because it is not the best idea for exposing germs early on and man it is not easy. […]

His story is unlike most. It was the best surprise that we could have ever prayed for. For those of you who do not know we announced on Thanksgiving of 2018 that we just were starting the adoption process. We started the paperwork around Christmas and our home study was completed in March. Usually adoptions […]



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