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I love Sonoma County so much. I love it so much that every time a destination couple or even a friend comes here I immediately send them a list of 30 things they need to do and the longest list for places to eat at. That is when I got the idea to make this […]

I first went to Joshua Tree 6 years ago and fell in love with how quiet & peaceful it is. There is not much there and that is part of the appeal to it. I have grown to love the natural colors there, adorable airbnb’s and desert charm. I also love that is close to […]

My mom grew up right next to Mendocino. We grew up visiting and reliving the beauty of Mendocino county. It is the reason why I started to fall in love with shooting here and why I wanted to write this guide in the first place so people not only visit Mendocino, but fall in love […]

We first celebrated our little man at the local blueberry farm: Duckworth Blueberry Farm. It was a simple way to start the day with the three of us and it was beautiful. The Party: Space themed and filled with people we love.

We adventured the parks in a snow, hail and rain storm. It was worth it for the adventures we had, but as you can see most these shots are a little grey and lack color due to how bad the storm was. Only slightly bummed about not being able to see the colorful springs more […]

Valentines day and my love for chocolate inspired this healthier vegan lava cake dish. I used Minimalist Baker Vegan Chocolate Lava Cake recipe and twisted it a bit. I used maple sugar instead of cane sugar, used slightly less chocolate and subbed in applesauce for the beet puree. It turned out dreamy and perfectly lava […]

I recently did a lifestyle session for Grace. I love how she is always talking about the best vegan products out there so I just decided to collaboration with her and have her write this blog post for me. If you know me you know I am not vegan but I have a lot of […]

This year has been one crazy wild beautiful ride. Starting from his birth- we flew out of state on a couple hours notice of his birth. Then we road all the way up the I5 with a 3 day year old baby back home. During his first year of life we experienced power outages, evacuations […]

I am a foodie and a home chef in training so I partnered with one amazing chef & friend, Mimo, to create how to cook a 3 course restaurant worthy meal at home. Here is her story and her recipes. “Growing up in a small village in Ethiopia, I was always around fresh farm produce. […]

Another year another valentines day. I feel like we all have a love hate relationship with this holiday. Who doesn’t love an excuse to indulge on chocolates, cards, flowers, and jewelry. But again why is everything so expensive around this holiday? A dozen roses at the grocery store cost almost as much as the downpayment […]



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