Walking where Jesus walked, taught, healed died and rose again was indescribable. I thought I knew Jesus before this trip but then my eyes opened up in Israel seeing everything come to life. I wish I could describe everything from this trip. I felt at peace and filled with so much joy from the Lord. Truly I cried tears of happiness as I looked at my son and then out at the Sea of Galilee. One day James Wilder and I stayed back at the Sea of Galilee and we took in the beauty of the day while listening to worship music. It seriously was one of the best days ever. I weeped over pure joy and a little sadness that not everyone can take in this beauty and feel Jesus this strongly. This holy land trip just makes me even more excited for Jesus to come back. Man oh man I cannot wait.

Jesus has given me so much and this world so much more. Israel has a special place in my heart now. Below is a list of the places we visited and what you will be seeing in my pictures.

Caesarea, Mt.Carmel, Megiddo

Mt.of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Gadera, Magdala, Baptism at Jordan, Headwaters of Jordan River, Tel Dan

Beit Shean, Gideon’s Spring, Sachne, Qasr Al Yahud, Jerusalem, Sea of Galiee

Masada, Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, Qumran

Mt. Temple Mount, Mt.Zion, Western Wall, Pool of Bethesda, Way of the cross, Calvary, Garden Tomb

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