Eli & I’s 5 year wedding anniversary


I planned what I wanted this shoot to look like for the last two years. Call me crazy but this girl likes to plan. I wanted to go back to the home where we worshipped and prayed for peace over my hysterctomy and the adoption process. I wanted to go back to the place where we found healing and designed our home after such a healing place. So we did. I had no idea that this time we would be processing so much once again. Eli and I cried this time and honestly sadness overtook this mini trip as we processed lives changes and the waiting game. I wish I could let you all in on every detail we are processing but I am learning in life that some things the world needs to know and others just our close friends and family. So with that being said keep us in your prayers as this journey is one that has a long road ahead of us. I hope you enjoy Eli & I’s 5 year wedding anniversary pictures.

As life happens our photographer was not able to shoot this shoot after all so I decided that since my mom was with us she would shoot us and then I would edit it. So I planned the spots we would shot at, poses, outfits and settings on the camera. Let me tell ya there is a reason why you hire a pro its tiring doing both. So glad we had Alyssa do some pictures of us in Hawaii so I could just relax and have fun during the process. Stay posted for those pictures in the future!

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