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Cancun Mexico Wedding


The key to being a documentary style photo and video team is studying our couples. This might sound funny, but we truly want to get to know our couples a ton before we even get to their wedding day. We do this through FaceTime calls, extensive questioners with deep questions on it and talking with them over the course of time. We also study our couples Instagram just to see how they interact with each other to better direct the couples portion of the day to best reflect thier story. Hope you love this Cancun Mexico Wedding.

I say this because @dgrab86 booked us over 3 years ago. She rescheduled many times, before her dream wedding happened this past week. Over the course of 3 years and a pandemic, we have had a lot of heartfelt emails and calls. We even met her and her hubby the week our son was born, so this friendship started off on a great note. The more we understood them as a couple the more we knew the most important people in her life the day of the wedding (we call them key players) and their relationship as a whole. P.S This wedding was amazing, so was the couple, we still cannot believe we got to do this!!

Below is a little explanation of the type of shots I get on a wedding day to make a story complete:

-Couple storytelling- We scout the best spots for light as well as spots that would best reflect them as a couple. They are a fun playful couple, so we did lots of shots that would promote some laughter. (Hammock, basketball court lay ups etc).

-Then I focus on tradition shots to show a transition between one scene to the next. Here we are going from one location to another in a golf court and Destiny is asking people she just met on her wedding day how they are enjoying their time. I thought it would best reflect her personality to shoot this.

-B roll shots: These are to set the scene of the location. I do them before the day, during the day and at the end of the day if I have time. Often they are nature, venue and detail shots.

-Key parts of the day

-Important people shots- Moments our couples will only know existed after they see these photos.

-The celebration- I usually take the couple away for a couple min to document just them to end the story.

Hair and makeup: @zoeelizabethmakeup

Resort (food, decor, dj, venue): The Fives Hotel

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