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Megan and Brandon’s Wedding


Megan and Brandon’s wedding was one for the books. Not only was it beautiful but it was also the last wedding at this venue before the Firestorm came through and swept it away. This wonderful venue was Megan’s friend’s home.

Megan writes:

We first met at a Summer Camp in 2014 that Brandon had grown up attending, he was volunteering as the sound technician (that’s one of his favorite hobbies), and I was just visiting for the day with my cousin. Brandon had seen me in a couple of my cousin’s pictures on social media and asked her if she would introduce us but she repeatedly shut him down saying it would never work between him and I; we are both so strong-headed and she was thinking our personalities would collide. My cousin showed me some pictures of Brandon and I decided she should take me to the Summer Camp to meet him. I was so nervous that I don’t even remember our first conversations, I just remember thinking “he is so cute!”

A few short days had passed and Brandon asked me on an official date. The next Monday he showed up at my door (15 minutes early, as he is never late) ready to take me out for lunch. We enjoyed a little picnic at a park and after a short walk found ourselves sitting comfortably on some grandstands facing one another. He had stories after stories about his life: he was funny, adventurous, and hard-working. I was mesmerized. It started to rain so we had to run back to the car and when we got there the time showed that we had already talked for a few hours. I invited him back to my house for our family dinner, (why not meet my entire family on date #1 in an intimate setting where they can drill you with questions? Good one, Megan.) and surprisingly, he said yes! Our first date lasted 9 hours. I think we both knew that we had discovered something great.

Brandon writes:

From the beginning, I knew our relationship was something special (i.e. our 9-hour first date).

After just two weeks of being friends, I knew I was ready to ask Megan to be my girlfriend. It was a hot August night and we were standing on Megan’s doorstep and I remember that things that day had not really gone how I had planned, but I looked in her eyes and asked her to be my girlfriend and without hesitation, she said yes. In the same moment, I also told her that I was sure I was falling in love with her (probably freaked her out but I was okay with it).

Fast forward to one month of dating, and I was genuinely in love with Megan and I knew she was in love with me. We both were experiencing something we had never experienced before, true and everlasting love. We still live 51.5 miles from one another and I think the distance between us just made our hearts grow closer. Megan has shown me what real happiness is and she has shown me that life is whatever you make of it. As long as we keep that in our minds, this life we create together will be sensational.

Megan writes: fast forward 2 years later..

Brandon being the romantic that he is, surprised me with the most amazing proposal ever. He took me to the place where we shared our first kiss. As soon as we parked I knew something was up. He had me get out of the car (he was so giddy, so full of excitement), and he grabbed my hand and said “follow me!” As we were walking along this brief hike up this mountain that overlooks the cities surrounding Vacaville, I saw a picture on a stake in the ground. The picture was of us. He confidently said “This is one of my favorite pictures of us!” We continued on the path, and more and more pictures of us led the way. I was so calm but also really nervous because I knew what was coming ahead. When we made it to the top of the mountain there was a blanket laid out with flowers in vases. (See, he’s romantic.) I looked out at the view, it was beautiful because the sky was so clear. I turned back to Brandon, who had knelt down on his knee. He grabbed my hand and said “Megan, these two years have been more than perfect. I have had the most amazing times with you, but two years just won’t do, how about we do this forever? Would you marry me?” I (somehow through the crying) said yes!

Our future is so incredibly exciting. It is such a fun process to get to plan our wedding day with my better half! We both work as managers at Chick-fil-a stores and our goal is to become operators of our own store someday soon! Anyone who knows us, knows just how much love we have for Chick-fil-a.


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