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Tips on how to have a sustainable wedding.


I have teamed up with the amazing photographer Emily S. on this blog post. I am always admiring her tips on how to become more sustainable so I thought I would reach out to her to get some tips on how to have a sustainable wedding. In this modern world weddings can leave a huge footprint so let’s all do our little part and find little ways to make weddings more sustainable. Check out her amazing work:

  1. Make your menu eco friendly. What food are you offering? A plant based menu without animal products is the most eco friendly & sustainable you can get. Where does your cater source their ingredients? Having local organic products is another way to have a sustainable wedding.
  2. Limit your stationary to one piece. Some wedding invites have 5-7 pieces in the suite. It can be excessive and a waste of paper. Try to purchase invites from a sustainable paper company like paper culture. You could also go one step further and do a full on digital invite.
  3. Find a florist that shops local. Using flowers that are in season and local help keep the environmental impacts low!
  4. Do not use any paper products. Or if you have to make sure they are 100 percent biodegradable. So much plastic in mass amounts is used at weddings and is just thrown away in landfill. Keep your footprint low by avoiding plastic as much as possible or all together.
  5. Don’t just buy any wedding dress! Take a moment to consider where your dress is coming from. Is it coming from China and being shipped across the sea to you? This has more of an environmental footprint than you think. Consider a local designer or someone who is sustainably sourcing their materials. Encourage your bridal party to do the same! Often times the most convenient places are the most unethical and sustainable.
  6. Reuse, reuse, reuse!!! All the signs, wedding decor, decorations, photo booth props- all of that can be reused from a previous wedding! Post on FB asking your friends if they have any extra stuff. Search on Facebook Marketplace & Craig-list. I see so much wedding decor posted on there all the time for super cheap. Think outside of the box and when you are done with your wedding you can also re-sell or donate your items to another couple.

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