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What to wear for your engagement session


I get asked this question roughly 40 times a year. I love that every couple asks me this question, because what you wear to a session effects how it will turn out just as much as the location. Think of this as a puzzle. You have to get all the puzzle pieces in the right spot to tell the full story right? You want your location to be meaningful but also not too distracting. You want your outfits to show off who you guys are but also not me too distracting that it takes the focus off your faces. The third and final puzzle piece is really a team effort between us. I will help you feel comfortable in front of the camera, so that you can have raw, emotion filled pictures that truly show your essence as a couple and your unique love story. Okay lets get down to why you are here. Here is what to wear for your engagement session. (Also, check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration.

  1. Black jeans always look better on guys versus any other types of jeans. If your guy does not have some go get some. It truly makes 100 percent of a difference in pictures. I wish I could tell ya why exactly but honestly its kind of one of those things I have just learned by seeing what looks better in pictures over the years.

2. Pick your patterns wisely. The point of the shoot is to document you guys and your story. I try to avoid distracting patterns and locations. I want the focus to soley be you guys. Also, on a technical level patterns that cover every inch of the outfit can also look 3d on camera as well as most stripe patterns. Patterns that are totally welcomed just not have tiny patterns over every small inch of your dress, shirt, skirt etc. If the patterns have space in between them they are good to go like below .Examples of great patterns below:

Katie & Joe's session

3. Pick your colors wisely. A lot of people love bright colors but typically neutrals look best on camera and are less distracting to the eye. If you love colors do not worry I got ya covered. Go for the muted colors. Maroon red, Burnt orange, mustard yellow etc. I would still encourage naturals but if you want one of your outfits to have a pop of color of course go for it! The only one I tend to have people stray away from is red usually it can reflect a bit on the face at sunset and to be is the most distracting on camera. Here are some pops of color examples I love and neutral combos I love:

Jacy & Dakota's Arizona session
Moab National Park

4. The right jacket is essential for some shots. It allows me to change up some directions I give you and gives some variety to some shot. My favorite is leather jackets but I also love jean jackets and other fun jackets as well. I will post examples below of some amazing jackets in shots.

Tara & Jacob's Garden of the God's Session. 

5. Tell a story with your outfits and location. I want your story to come alive in each picture. Your outfits should reflect what you love to wear and your location should reflect what you love together as a couple. If you love to hike lets do that, if you love to eat ice cream lets to that, if you love to just picnic by the beach then that is what we should do. Tell a story as well with your outfits and have it go together with your location. Instead of trying to stand out in nature find out colors that blend well with the background. (If you are in forest: Blacks, dark greens, tans, browns, whites and burnt oranges). Examples below of amazing locations and outfits that told a story:

Hope you have fun picking out your outfits and location for your engagement shoot. Hope you enjoy this guide on what to wear for your engagement session.

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