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This photographer’s dinner was an idea that Elise Aileen Photography and I had over a year ago. Our goal was to unite photographers from all around Sonoma County and the Bay Area so that we could encourage & support one another. We wanted a night of amazing food, laughter and community. We put on our first dinner a couple months ago and had 12 photographers attend. We got such an amazing response from that night that we decided to host another one and go over & beyond to blow these photographers out of the water (we wanted a treat yourself night for them since they all work so hard at what they do). We invited roughly 50 photographers and had 26 attendees. It was a magical night to say the least and we are already excited for our next on in May of 2019.

We had an amazing cheese board! My favorite was the marble rye bread with the honey goat cheese or the sharp chive chedder cheese. I also loved the dark chocolate peanut butter cups! For dinner we had Tri- Tip, Rissoto, Rice Pilof and Brussel Sprouts. A big thank you to my hubby and parents for cooking this amazing meal! Also, thank you hubby for singing. Thank you so much for the amazing apple crumble pie Melissa Nelson (As well as everyone else who made yummy treats).


Photographers who attended:

Elise Aileen Photography (my co-host)

Nicole Gross (Twenty Two Frames Photography)

Cecilia Senocak Photography

Deana Kay Photography

Lindsey Tatum Photography

Christy Marie Photography

Melody White Studios

Alicia Parks Photography

Hailey Hopkins Photography

Cory Weissenborn Photography

Melissa Atle Photography

Alyssa Luzaich Photography

Chellie M. Photography

Scout DeNetale Photography

Jehan Cerda Photography

Andrea Lowry Photography

Kim McDonald Photography

Danielle Navratil Photography

Michelle Westling Photography

Tiffani Beecher Photography

Jess Rankin Photography

Sydnie Leah Photography

Kelsy Shaffor Photography

Mary Heart Photography

Janea Greene Videography


If you would love to see more pictures from this event check out my amazing friend and co-host’s blog post here.

Fall Photographers Dinner

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