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Joshua Tree | Regan & Natty


This session was all kinds of dreamy! We may have had to take some breaks to the freezer and brave being bit by fire ants but man was it ever worth it. From the first second we met I knew we would hit it off and be friends. They are the sweetest and throughout the whole shoot Nat would say oh how I love you and kiss him. It might have been one of the sweetest things ever to witness. Their love is so pure and true. They also brought their adorable puppy and it made my heart so so happy as puppies usually do. Here is their amazing love story as told by Natty:

We went to the same college, Regan was two years ahead of me! Our friend groups overlapped and one year our group was invited to his house for a Christmas party! This is where we first met….I, however, was dating someone else at the time, so we just had a great night with all our friends and that was that, just friends of friends.
Two years later, the summer before my senior year of college, I decided to join the world of cyber dating (I did bumble, it’s the one where the girls make the first move! You have 24 hours to message whoever you matched with!) While scrolling through so many beautiful people, Regan’s picture popped up and I remembered who he was (he looked very cute, and I kinda knew him, so why not!) so I swiped right and we immediately matched! I wasn’t sure if we matched because we were “friends” or because we were actually interested, so I didn’t message him immediately, I kinda just waited to think about it. Well, I was taking a bit too long and since there’s a time limit, Regan made a move and messaged me on Instagram, Asking if I was thinking of messaging him on bumble! I laughed so hard! It was quiet clever, so I message him on bumble asking where I can find the best coffee in San Diego! His response was: “with you!” as well as mentioning his favorite coffee shop (bird rock!) and that’s how it all started! He asked me to go on a coffee date with him, and gave me the option of driving the car OR THE MOTORCYCLE! How could I say no! My thought process was “if the date goes bad, at least I was the cool girl who got a date with the cute motorcycle guy.” But It was THE best coffee date I’ve ever had. One date turned into hundreds and Now it’s been over two years of dating my best friend and I am so excited to see what is in store for us.

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